Relaxing with Z

We mostly took a day off today.  Roses came through and we ate and drank and laughed and talked and it certainly did me good.  Letting go of things and relaxing is a kindness to the heart and the mind.

I did make a batch of tomato relish, from the same book – indeed, the same page – as we make our jalapeño relish, which I hope means it’ll be good.  It doesn’t have to be kept as long as chutney before being tried, I don’t think.  The other achievement of the day was setting up the new printer.  My old one isn’t very old, but it’s had great trouble staying connected to my computer since I got a new BT hub a few months ago.  I’ve spent hours on it, finally got it working, only to discover it had got lost again a few days later.  And then I accidentally, while meaning only to remove it from a list and replace it again, seemed to have deleted it entirely from the computer and the website was singularly unhelpful.  I got it back on again, had it apparently all ready to go and then it kept giving an error message – and I gave up and just bought a new and better one.  I do have a monochrome laser printer but i can’t really manage without a colour printer nor a scanner, so here we go.  I relied rather heavily on LT to set it up as I’ve been thoroughly discouraged, and I’m not trying to set up my phone nor use the scanner until tomorrow..

I’ve separated the big chickens and Crow the cock from the two little Seramas – I’m not sure that this is entirely the best thing for them, as they’d all been getting on pretty well, but something has to be done for Clawd.  So far, he’s quarrelling with Jet and Yvette, so I’ve shut him in his own coop for the night.  But they’re all three the same size and I don’t think they’ll squabble for long.

After all the eating and drinking of the day, we didn’t feel like having a substantial dinner tonight, so just had scrambled eggs.  They need to be eaten anyway – although none of them is the size of a hen’s egg, I’m finding between two and four a day.

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    1. Z Post author

      There have been a couple of disastrous experience with three over the years, I’m afraid. Maybe if they were free range, but they’ve got to be under cover because of sparrow hawks – those Seramas are very small and would be easy picking.


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