Odds and sods from the Razor blade.

1 –     Chicken dynamics seems to be changing daily and the main problem is that there isn’t room for Clawd at present.  I don’t know what to do.

Jet, Yvette and Crow get on well

Jet and Mona get on well.

Big Brown and Big Black get on well with each other and are okay with Mona and Yvette.

Big Brown chases Jet.

Crow does not like Big Black and chases her from mealworms.

Everyone used to be wary of Mona but something has changed and she’s become much more subdued.  She doesn’t chase anyone now.  I’ve a feeling she’s wary of Big Brown, though I haven’t seen any shenanigans.

Yvette seems to be fine with everyone.  But the two Bigs chase Jet.

Big Brown used to be scared of everyone but since she started laying eggs, which she does daily, she’s gained a lot of confidence and can throw her considerable weight round.

They all go for Clawd.  So he’s in his own coop for now and I don’t know what to do.  Oh, I said that already.  But that’s how it is.

2  –    This week, we’re preparing the catalogue for the next sale and I’ve got a few more lots than I really want.  But the more ordinary lots came in sooner, the later ones are those I want.  I’ll let you know when the catalogue goes on the website, which probably will be in about a fortnight.

3 –    Alex and co came over today.  They’ve been off camping but it rained overnight, the last night, so they had to put the tent away wet.  So they wanted to put it up on our lawn to dry out.  It’s very impressive – a big living area and three small sleeping pods, each big enough for two sleeping bags – but it inflates!  Al uses a foot pump and it goes up in no time, then pegs and some uprights are added for stability.  They stayed for lunch and Squiffany, in particular, loved our bread and butter pickle, so I gave them a jar.  It really is splendid stuff and very easy to make, so I suspect she’ll take over pickling in their house.

4 –    Weeza and the children are coming over tomorrow, and photography and china-examining will take place.  I must either hide or wrap the children’s birthday presents – both have birthdays this week.  So does Eloise cat, who will be three on Friday, which is also Zerlina’s ninth birthday.  Eloise cat was born two days before Russell died.  I relive that summer every year and this seems to be especially difficult.  The well-known Z self-control is held by a thread.


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    1. Z Post author

      Yeah, I feel like that and the relationships are constantly changing. Now Big Brown is experimenting with being broody, which is ridiculous.


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