Reading and back again

Wink and I drove down to Reading on Wednesday in her car. I drove, in case she decided to return the same day. Just as well to have a bit of practice with the clutch, though one doesn’t forget. My last few cars have been automatics, but I quickly adjust.

In the end, she did stay overnight, because friends asked us round for dinner and, rightly, she’s not one to turn down an invitation. We had a lovely, convivial evening, went home and straight to bed – and I was awake again by 1 in the morning. Rubbish night.

But all is well. Wink got home safely and is now out at the cinema with a new local friend. I’m back home with Tim’s car, which has its MOT. Kindness and love has been shown all round and I’ve been donor and recipient of that. I’m tired out now, though, having taken an extra half hour or more on the journey because of the time of day, and a lot of headlights in my old eyes. My night driving sight is fine though, I’m glad to note.

Eloise cat jumped straight into Tim’s car to have a good sniff, but I think she knows he’s gone away. More than I do. I dreamt he was alive, the other night. I apologised that everyone had believed he was dead – I’d seen and touched him, I was convinced! – but the period of cold rest had restored his heart valve and he was fit and well again. Well, damn. So sad to wake up that morning. The mind plays mean tricks sometimes.

Lovely to have the car, anyway. I’ll cherish it.

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  1. 63mago

    My father once (in a peculiar situation) said to me that my mother (his wife for forty years or more, I forgot), visited him every night after her death to speak. I feel some regret not having asked (more), but it did not feel opportun, “right”, and the situation vanished.


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