Random snippets from Z’s day

Today, we’ve mostly been virtuously using up leftovers.  Not that raw vegetables are left over, exactly, but we had bought rather too much for the weekend.  And there were actual leftovers too.  So we had cheese, ham and sausage for lunch and shepherd’s pie for dinner.  We also made leek and potato soup and carrot, leek and I’m not sure what else soup, both with ham stock.  The fridge would be almost empty, if it weren’t for all that soup.

I’m still turning out my study, which is taking many hours of work.  Paperwork going back to 2004 clearly doesn’t need to be kept.  I found £3 in an envelope, which was the best bit.

The youngest pullets keep getting out of the run.  They don’t go far, but hover around waiting to be let in.  I’m pretty sure they can only get out because they’re still quite small – there’s a gap high up, if they can get up there, or there’s a gap through to the barn which the cats use, I don’t know which, if either, is the one they can squeeze through.  I’m not going to fuss too much about it, as long as they always go back at night.  I suppose they’ll grow too large after a while.

I phoned a friend this evening and she’d invited us to a party (which wasn’t what I’d rung for, as a matter of fact), which is jolly nice.  It’s not until the end of July, but that just makes it all the more to look forward to.

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