As promised …

… Photos.

Cake. Some more was eaten after lunch today, but there was still a third of it to go home with them this evening.

IMG_4381 IMG_4380

A Pink Ginless – which is not what I’m about to drink tonight. Alcohol is certainly happening this evening.

Eloise cat settled down for a peaceful nap. In LT’s usual place on the sofa, unsurprisingly, but he good-naturedly sat in an armchair instead.


For no particular reason, except that the site is loading pictures beautifully this evening, here are two nice little sparrowbeak jugs that will be in my auction this October. DSCF8179

7 comments on “As promised …

  1. Kipper

    Small case z looks a lot like you. What a cake! i am rather accident prone with pitchers so will just admire the sparrow beak jugs from afar.

  2. allotmentqueen

    That there cat is doing the jealous thing. LT’s usurping me, so I’ll take over his seat. That’ll teach him.

    I was thinking that Gus had the look of Russell. (Not that I’ve ever met him)

  3. Z Post author

    She’s going to be a lot taller and thinner than me, that’s for sure. We’ve got a photo of Russell as a small boy, in which he looks very like Gus, but his hair turned dark later and Gus’s doesn’t show any sign of that yet.

    Eloise cat plays one of us against the other, she is quite happy to sit on Tim’s lap and purr and obviously approves of him, but she does like to tease him. In bed, she sits on me and walks over him.

    I like pencil and gilt decoration too, it’s fairly uncommon and always popular. The other jug is painted by The Tulip Painter, whose name is unknown but was a fine flower painter. If it were decorated with a tulip, his speciality, it would be very valuable.

    Tim’s original invention was the Ginless Wonder – crush several juniper berries and pour over a little tonic water, leave to steep and then strain, add to more tonic, ice and lemon. A pink ginless has added Angostura bitters – and raspberries instead of lemon, if you like. Sparkling water instead of the tonic if you prefer, but you still need the juniper berries to remind you of gin.

  4. PixieMum

    Another one here agreeing that Gus looks like Russell, can see Weeza in her daughter too. Isn’t it fun trying to see family resemblances in a grandchild?


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