Rambling Zos

I spent some more time this evening looking at photos.  Some of the few in existence of my grandmother, who died when I was two and whom I don’t remember at all.  She was holding my sister as a baby or standing by my grandfather and he was holding her.  It’s indistinct and I can’t really see what she looked like, but I don’t think she was bothered in the least about her appearance.  It was just as well, she had had cancer in her face and and radiation treatment, which I think must have been fairly haphazard at that time (I think it was the 1930s) had destroyed some of the bone, which periodically worked its way out, and she wore a scarf or bandage round her head to hide the damage.  Just a casual knotted piece of material.  It looked quaint, but I don’t suppose she cared, from what I have heard of her.

Although I’ve done a fair amount of reminiscing here over the years, I don’t look back much.  My mother told me a lot of stories about her and my father’s past, but I don’t think I have done as much to my children. It’s a bit late to start now, they’d think it was the ramblings of an old woman.  Er…

Anyway, I have succeeded in buying a birthday present for the Sage, which is rather a relief, as his birthday is on Friday.  It is a saucer.  He will love it.  Soon, I must start to think about his party on Saturday.  There will be 21 or 22 of us – though that does include the children, and I don’t suppose that Hadrian will take much part in the festivities.  I’m going out tomorrow, but I’d better allow time to do some shopping, and then cook on Friday.  I could have planned ahead really, couldn’t I.  Bit late now.

8 comments on “Rambling Zos

  1. Z

    Yes, it was Wednesday at almost midnight, though. Still, it’ll all come good. A quick decision and just getting on with it is best.

    Cup? Blimey, do you think I’m made of money, Rog? I’m still saving up for my iPad, remember. Priorities…

    It was very good, Dave. Well done.

    Exactly, Chris.

  2. The Boy

    It is never too late to tell children, however old, about their background and family! Never! I know stories about my family going back many generations, and I’m always surprised that others don’t. I randomly drop stories about their befores on the kids, and they always lap it up.

  3. Z

    I’ve told them what I know about previous generations, but not a great deal about me. Even if I wanted to, which I don’t, none of them is at a time in their life when they are going to sit and listen to me – they’re far too busy with their own young families.


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