Plan coming together

Plans changed over the course of the morning.  In fact, plans had changed yesterday as well.  It’s half-term week, so Zerlina is not at school but Gus was still booked in for his usual three days with lovely Lynda the childminder.  I’d been going to stay Monday night with Weeza and co, take Zerlina to Norwich in the morning, she’d accompany me to the dentist after lunch and then she would stay the night and the next day.  But Weeza asked if Lynda could have both children one day, so that I’d have them both the next, and she was able to fit that in.

It’s Hadrian’s fourth birthday today, so I texted to see if I could drop in his presents, but Al replied to suggest I join them for a meal at a favourite family restaurant.  I’d been going to stay the night with Weeza (instead of last night) but rang Weeza to see if I could bring her two home with me instead.  So, after the dentist, I picked up Weeza’s house key, fetched the children and took them to their house for clothes and we met the others at 6 o’clock. It was a really good evening and the children have always behaved well when eating out, well aware that it’s a treat to be enjoyed.

Tomorrow, Al and family are planning to go to Great Yarmouth – Al has the week off, but they’ve already had two holidays this year (he won’t be getting time off in the summer) so they are having days off instead.  I’m having my piano tuned in the morning, but we will go over later and do seaside amusement things like crazy golf.  I’ve phoned Weeza and Phil, who works in Yarmouth, will drive instead of cycling tomorrow so that he can meet me and bring the children home.

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