Kiss Z quick – in Gt Yarmouth

I think I may have reached capacity with emails.  28 received this afternoon but only 2  mattered and 1 should be replied to.  I haven’t yet responded to the 3 that needed it yesterday.  Tomorrow, darlings, I’ll do it then.  I have at least written again to someone who didn’t reply some days ago – hoping it doesn’t indicate some problem … I’m as bad as those who think I’m so reliable that all messages are replied to within a day.

A busy day here.  Young Stevo came over this morning and we turned out the porch, sorted the outside furniture and I left him to it after that.  My piano tuner, who I’ve promised to follow or befriend or whatever on Facebook (next job this evening) called to do the obvious.  Nice man, I’ve known him for 40 years.  If anyone wants to tinkle the ivories this Saturday, the pianola sounds a lot better now than it did yesterday.  As ever, I resolve to play more.

We met Al and family in Gt Yarmouth this afternoon and had a jolly time at the Pirate themed crazy golf.  Squiffany is very good at it, Zerlina is maybe destined to be better at hockey, as that’s how she held her putter.  Everyone had fun and afterwards had ice cream, doughnuts or candy floss.  A very English Seaside outing.  Lots that there wasn’t time for and I will take children over again in the summer holidays.

Awful roadworks, I took a detour home, which added 20 minutes to the journey.  The roadworks would have added much more.  Maybe it’s because East Angular is almost entirely Tory that almost nothing was put into our roads under Blair/Brown but it’s doing rather better under Cameron.  I trust the pain is worth it.  I wish such decisions were not governed by politics, but I suppose it would be naïve to expect anything else.

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