It was always going to be the mattress that would be the tricky bit.  We just had to hope it would fit in the Landrover.  Dora’s brother came along to help and we shoved and curved it and it was so nearly there.  The front seats were already upright because I don’t like leaning back, I always prefer to sit up straight, but I set them to lean forward and the extra inch or two made the difference.  I grabbed a handful of mattress and pulled, Ro slammed the door and we were in.  They have a memory foam mattress topper which we crammed into the front passenger seat and the car was full.  We filled Ro’n’Do’s car, Bro’s car and we were off.  When we arrived at the new house, I had to reverse into the drive fairly blind, but managed it with surprising aplomb (actually, this was the second trip and I’d practised first time around) and the youngsters looked impressed.  “Mind you,’ said Bro, “you’d have been fine if you’d had an accident on the way.  Very well padded.”  He meant the car interior, not my figure, darlings.

Ro’n’Do didn’t have any other furniture to move, except a small desk, as their previous home was furnished, so it was just their personal items, kitchen and bathroom stuff, television and so on.  All the same, it was eight carloads in total.  When I left them, they were going to have one last trip back to the flat to dust and hoover (they’d already cleaned the bathroom and kitchen – Ro asked me to check with my landlord’s eye and I gave it a good pass, but suggested he check with the landlady before handing the key back to ask if she had further requirements), then take some stuff to the dump and then … home.

Welcome to your new home, darlings.  Not that you’ll have internet access for a bit – how is it that most utilities get their act together promptly, but the phone and internet companies keep you waiting for ages? – but all things come, you’ve got heat and light in a lovely house with delightful, friendly neighbours and I hope you will be very happy there together.

They were apologetic for not feeding me, but they didn’t really have any food.  So I came home and, sometime after 3, ate an egg and a slice of toast.  A couple of spoonsful of yoghurt and a rice cake for breakfast, I’ve just had a bit of blue cheese, a few cherry tomatoes (the last of our own) and four green olives because it’s another hour until dinner is ready and I won’t last.  Tonight, roast chicken, leeks and courgettes. I’ve cooked potato for the Sage but not for me.  I haven’t weighed myself, but yesterday I wore a skirt I would last have fitted in when I was about 42.  But the waistband was slightly tight.  Discipline?  No, darlings, I am very easy-going, I will love you whatever you do.  But I choose my own path and it’s going to be a narrow one.

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  1. mig

    We’ve done mattresses tied on the roof once or twice. Newbury to Newmarket was the worst – we were worrying about rain all the way.


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