Paying out lots of money…

I have to admit, I’m still getting things done a bit slowly. But that’s by my usual standards, actually I’m pretty well organised. I’ve paid out about half the vendors, most of the money though not the majority of the lots. I’m taking tomorrow off, because there’s a food fair in town, which I’m really looking forward to. The weather forecast is poor, but actually less poor than it was earlier in the week – gone from a 90% chance of rain all morning to 50% or less, though we’re sure to get rain some time. I am sure we won’t be too put off.

Jonny, the local cheesemaker, had a half hour programme on BBC1 last night, devoted to his farm. “We are England” is the name of the programme, it’s a regional thing, so only broadcast in East Angular, though likely available on iPlayer in other places – which presumably have their own local variations. It was just lovely, he’s built it from nothing. There was an established family dairy farm, but he’s created the cheesemaking enterprise, the raw milk, butter, skyr yoghurt, ghee, cream – all of it, sold from the farm and in delis all over the country. Baron Bigon cheese has a worthily fine reputation, it’s (don’t tell the French) better than Brie. He’s got a great team, supportive parents and a great partnership with his brilliant wife.

I’m not even being paid for the endorsement…but I don’t bother with other butter now, this is so good. If I need to make a cake, I’ll buy ordinary butter, but it’s Fen Farm for spreading and ghee for cooking.

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  1. allotmentqueen

    Oh I saw Jonny’s programme advertised (or maybe they emailed about it, I am a subscriber) so I must remember to watch it. It’s on I-Player, but as I recall it was available nationwide, not just an opt out. I don’t think they can afford to make much as regional opt outs these days. I’ve watched a couple of others in the We Are England series, including a lovely one about Jayde Adams moving back to her Bristol roots, just before she went on Strictly.


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