Passionately committed to sliding since 2006

We had a flying visit to Reading, with me driving as Tim isn’t at present – he had a hospital appointment, which went very well, though the Royal Berks is a charmingly friendly hospital but really poorly internally signposted.  We had to ask our way several times, and we were only going to outpatients.  The first receptionist was interested to see that his name is Large.  “I’m Little!” she said.

Slogans.  Hmmm.  Any thoughts on slogans?  On the way down, we were behind a Bibendum van.  Rethinking wine drinking since 1982, was the tagline.  Hm, said Tim.  They can’t be very good at it then, can they? Or they’d have got it right by now.

On the way to the hospital, I noted a Marks and Spencer lorry.  The adventure starts here – I think.  I’ve been unable to find it online.  They’re probably embarrassed.

If anyone can define what the Labour party says with For the many, not the few, then I’d be glad to know.  Because it can mean whatever anyone wants it to, as far as I can see.  I could say more about political parties and their straplines and I probably will, at some point.

As for buzzwords, we saw plenty of those.  We suspect that they are put into a hat and two or three picked out, put into a slogan and sold at huge cost to a hapless company whose board of directors believe that, the more you pay a publicist, the more he or she is worth.




5 comments on “Passionately committed to sliding since 2006

  1. Z Post author

    Rog, I had a flashback to “Obey your thirst” and had a moment of sheer rage.

    I fulminated against Christmas adverts, on Facebook, earlier today. I won’t watch the John Lewis advert because why would I? They’ve taken out ads in newspapers to advertise the ad. What?

    1. Jenny Grigg

      Oh, I haven’t noticed the JL one yet. The only one that’s permeated my consciousness is the Iceland one that was banned. It made a good point but I didn’t see why it would make me think any better of Iceland.


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