Omicron ic inability to keep my mouth shut

Life could be so easy and pleasant. However, is that what life is meant to be about? Well, I don’t know, but I do have a fairly developed sense of social responsibility and I think that giving until it hurts, whether in terms of time, money, effort or whatever one is able to do, is a Good Thing. Not, mind you, until it hurts those you have responsibilities for. And one is responsible for oneself, so getting the balance right is a matter of consideration.

All the same, my policy is to help if I can and to push myself if I can without my family being *too* unhappy. I’ve not always got the balance right, I know. I remember once when I was whining to the Sage (some of you will already have heard this, sorry) about all I had to do, and I itemised them and it included work for him. And I added, fortunately, “of course, you come first”. And his shoulders, which I hadn’t realised were tense, relaxed. Taught me a lesson, it did. But at any rate I said the right thing without him having to ask.

Anyway, upshot of all this is that (no need to congratulate me) I’m now chairman of governors, and very aware of the difference between a 70 pupil primary school and a 1000 pupil secondary school. I’ve been stepping up the action in the past year, but there’s still a lot more to learn and do. I also don’t want to drop my other involvements in languages, music and learning support, though it would be sensible to do so. However, it’s been for good reasons that I’ve been cutting back, by coming off the Nadfas committee and giving notice that I’m standing down as churchwarden and from the PCC in the spring. Of course, now the Sage’s business is bigger, having increased by 50% this year alone, but as long as Weeza and I can override his inclination to let things slide and do it all in one go at the last, we should be all right.

I’ve been asked to join another committee, by the way. The Sage is advising against and he’s right, but I may do it anyway. I’m not very good at not multi-tasking. I think it’s a chronic inability to concentrate on just one thing and do it well. I rely on doing just well enough in several. I’m a born amateur.

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  1. Four Dinners

    Enthusiastic amateurs are invariably the best there is…

    Just look at the non-league sides that give even Premiership clubs a hard time in the FA Cup.

    Board of Governers? Impressive. The Head at Jax junior school wanted me on that as I was outspoken….which is probably why I didn’t get elected – which was probably a good thing really…

    er…what’s multi-tasking….I feel a sweat coming on again…;-)

  2. Z

    I’m the fool that rushes in, 4D.

    Some years ago, when there was a problem at the village school and the parents were talking about getting up a petition (which would have brought publicity, when we were dealing with things discreetly. And succeeded tremendously, I’ll add), I persuaded the ringleader to join the governors. She was great, I knew she would be. And I’d rather she was on the inside pissing out…

  3. Jon

    Parkinson’s Law:
    Work expands to fill the time allotted to complete it.

    You ever hear that one? It’s quite popular in bureaucracies, or so I hear. But there’s a flip side to that coin as well…

    The fuller your time is the more you get done in the same time as a government employee takes to answer an email!

  4. Blue Witch

    You’ll have to be more careful about what you write now…

    Whilst I am very pleased for the school, I do think you should get your own health issues more under control/sorted before volunteering for anything else, or it’ll be another excuse for staggering on painfully lop-sidedly. Just a little friendly ‘motherly advice’ 😉

  5. Z

    Parkinson’s law is very true, Jon and so is your reverse. The power of the deadline concentrates the mind wonderfully.

    HDWK, actually that does. Thank you.

    The former chairman is superb and I won’t be as good as her because she has the ability and the concentration to focus fully on both the broader picture and the detail at all times. I’m not bad, but I’m not at her level. Fortunately, the head is outstandingly good and we’ll get by. But thank you all the same, although there was no need.

    I’ve been careful for a long time, BW and I’ve resisted many mild indiscretions which would have seemed harmless but were better resisted. But you’re right. And the one in my previous comment is something I’d say to her face and she’d laugh. And thank you – this thing is only two meetings a year plus two informal get-togethers to plan the meetings, and the present incumbent has greatly simplified the procedure. It’s a bit of work but no stress except deadlines. I really appreciate the care and I know it’s good advice.

  6. Christopher

    Well, I think you deserve congratulations. I don’t think it’s a question of multi-tasking, it’s more knowing instinctively – as I’m sure you do – how far the butter will spread.


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