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  1. Dandelion

    If it is her first baby, that will be because the due dates are calcuated in a wrong way. First babies are on average delivered at 41 weeks, not 40.

    Did she do the hypno-birthing course in the end?

  2. Z

    I can’t afford another September birthday, Dave. Three close family (including me, could hardly be closer) and at least five friends (including you).

    You’re right, Dandelion, but they don’t take it into account. My first was late and the next two were early, but not premature.

    Yes she did and found it very good. She’d recommend it.

  3. peaceableimperatrix

    Goodness — Don’t be telling Weeza that! Impera was two weeks late (they had even scheduled an induction for the next day because in the US they’ll only let you go 2 weeks past due), and I got a call *every* day for those two weeks from both my mother and my mother in law.

    As you can imagine, when you are huge as a whale and uncomfortable in the heat, the last thing you want is someone asking you, “Anything YET?”

  4. Z

    The present fashion, which changes from year to year and depends which health authority you’re under, is to wait ten days before induction – two years ago it was a fortnight, four years ago ten days. Weeza would take some convincing to go down that route, although I don’t think we’ll still be waiting in September!

    I am not ringing every day and I promise I won’t ask questions to which the answer is obviously ‘no’!

  5. martina

    I’m just waiting to see what blog name you give baby. Weeza-hope baby arrives soon and you have an easy labor and delivery.

  6. Z

    I don’t think the waiting is the problem so much as the threat of intervention by the medics. As Dandelion says, its perfectly normal for a first baby to be later than 40 weeks. Mind you, the original date given was the 3rd, later changed to the 7th, so we may not be far off.


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