Oh, blimey

I’ve just remembered I agreed to write a piece for the newsletter. The deadline is tomorrow morning. I still have to prepare lunch for 12 following a meeting which I’m chairing tomorrow.

Everyone else who writes for the newsletter has something specific to talk about except the chairman. I sort of say “jolly good show, isn’t it all splendid, carry on chaps” and I can’t bear that sort of thing. I like a specific thing to talk about. Worse, by the time everyone gets the sodding newsletter I won’t even be chairman or on the committee any longer.

Maybe that second glass of wine was a mistake?

No, if not driving a second glass of wine is a benefit. Give me a purposeful half hour and I’ll have done it.

Then I’ll cook lunch.

Hope the weather’s good. I’m a bit truly fucked if I have to clear the dining room as well.

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  1. Z

    Dear Mr BK Chowla, I’m so sorry for having offended you. I appreciate that what was, in this case, used in quite a light-hearted manner, as a way of indicating the pressure I felt under could, especially in a different country and culture, be offensive. On the other hand, I’m not going to remove it – I’d not be rude enough to use it on your blog, but I can do what I choose to on mine.

    It didn’t rain. Thanks, Blue Witch, if you sent a spell this way.


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