O dear

The boarding card on my phone worked fine, but it was a bit of a nuisance to have to carry about.  All went smoothly in fact, but when I got back to the airport and turned my phone back on, I had a text from Dilly, telling me that the Ofsted inspectors phoned at lunchtime to say that they were to arrive at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning.  So I checked emails and wrote back to say that I’d head straight for the school.

So that’ll take up my thoughts and time for the next couple of days.  Pah.  The new Head has only been there for a fortnight, how can his impact be evaluated?  Still, we have no choice and at least it’s not going to be an object of dread for the rest of the term.

6 comments on “O dear

  1. tim

    That’s outrageous! What do Ofsted think this will achieve, apart from ticking a few boxes?
    Worst of all, it’s horrible that the school should have to feel relief from a sense of dread – is instilling dread Ofsted’s raison d’etre now? I hope the taxpayer isn’t funding their leather trench-coats and jackboots…

  2. Blue Witch

    An American friend of mine has an expression that I think just about covers things for you right now… “Holy crap!”.

    Whilst I am a fervent supporter of no-warning Ofsted visits (personally I wouldn’t even give schools any notice), I do think that they should give a new head more than 3 weeks in the job before descending (unless serious concerns have been raised).

    Good luck!

  3. Z Post author

    It’s an evaluation over time, they made it clear to the staff this morning. I’m fine with the short notice, it actually causes less stress (although no notice is difficult in practical terms – there were a number of visits and appointments that have been postponed, apart from governors taking time off work this afternoon). I’m also fine with it happening early in the school year, because we worry about it until it happens. All the same, a couple more weeks would have been better!

    It’s a good job I’m tough. I really want a good whinge, but that’ll just knock the stuffing out of me right now. I’ll find time for a mini-collapse in a while, I’ll check my diary for the next few weeks.

  4. sablonneuse

    Well, I hope your Ofsted Inspectors are a bit more useful than they were when I was teaching. One of my colleagues was criticed because he ‘hadn’t introduced his topic’. The box wasn’t ticked because the inspector hadn’t turned up until well into the lesson.
    In a way, little or no notice is better as in my day we had loads of time for the head to send round policies for this that and the other that we were all supposed to read and inwardly digest.
    Personnally, I would re-employ all these so called experts as extra support in schools that need help. That would be more beneficial than passing judgement and relying heavily on ticking boxes.

    Right, rant over. I’ll get my coat. . . . . . . . .


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