Dennis Vader?

Lovely governors arrived for the Ofsted interview – this has taken various forms over the years, but this time it was pretty relaxed and informal.  So fingers crossed. Once we have the result, I can’t say anything about it as it’s completely confidential until it’s all been verified and we’re told it is to be released, so I won’t mention it again.

Afterwards, over to Al and Dilly’s house for supper.  Pugsley was very happy because he had received his birthday present today, a hamster.  They went to buy the cage, meaning to go back at the weekend for the wee beastie, but there was just one there for sale and they fell for it.  It is brown and white with red eyes and it was the eyes that put people off, apparently, but Pugs thought they were cool.  His name is Dennis, though Hay declares he’s called Darth Vader. I took over the presents I’d bought in Holland – only small ones, chocolate and speculaas – none of them likes salty liquorice, so I didn’t waste  it on them. I bought it for those of us who appreciate such things.


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