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We’re getting towards the final stages of the drive.  I must go out and take a few more pictures.  I haven’t been putting them up here, because actually they’re not that interesting, but now I’ve got into the way of keeping a record of things that happen here, I’ll keep it going.  Blue Witch and I were agreeing the other day that, when we wonder how long ago something happened, we go straight to our blogs – although hers goes back a lot longer than this one, of course.  Never having kept a personal (rather than appointments) diary, I can see how useful it would have been to have done so – although a blog is better because I can do a keyword search and not have to guess an approximate date.

Anyway, where roots had cracked the tarmac, they have been dug up and removed, all the kerbs are in place and there’s just a few loose bits to remove and refill with rubble and tamp down.  And the low brick retaining wall to build on one side of the lawn.  Three engineering bricks high, plus a capping brick.  We’ll get that done in a day, and then Alan can come along, probably next week, and complete the job.  He has to leave timings flexible until the last, it depends on the weather and how other jobs go.  He’s another really good friend, and one you can call on in a time of trouble – when my mother’s donkey died, it was he who dug his grave (not by hand, with his digger).  There was snow on the ground, and over the next few nights, there were such hard frosts that it wouldn’t have been possible.

You know how some people see numbers, days of the week and so on, in colours?  I don’t have that sort of brain at all.  I think of people in terms of music, but not in an imaginative way at all.  I’m terribly prosaic and it’s more likely to be a simple association, such as hearing a piece of music in someone’s company or hearing them sing it.  And, since blogging, having music recommended or referred to (there have been cases where a simple mention triggers an association, it isn’t to say this defines anyone’s musical taste in any way, this is more about me than you, darlings).  Having, over the last four or so years, decided to expand my musical tastes to include pretty well any genre, this gives quite some scope for me to think of my blogfriends in terms of music.  So, this isn’t in any way complete – because I’m not thinking this through, you understand, I’m just rabbiting on as usual, and the prompt is that I’m presently listening to Okkervil River’s Black Sheep Boy, which Julie introduced me to, although that isn’t what I’ve picked for her.

So, here are some examples – either albums, single tracks or bands that remind me of a blogger.

Julie, no longer in Athens Georgia – Old 97’s – Designs on You  (because she and the BH had it played at their wedding)
Liz – Slash’s Snakepit – Neither Can I
Tim – Wynton Marsalis & Eric Clapton Play the Blues – Layla
BadgerdaddyPearl Jam – pretty well anything, whenever I hear Pearl Jam I think of the Badge
Rog – They Might Be Giants – Birdhouse in your Soul (Rog probably doesn’t even remember that he quoted a line once)
Jonny B – Arizona Smoke Revue – Reuben’s Train – (because of the banjo)

There are more of course, these are examples (and apologies if you’re startled to find your name there).  But I have delighted you long enough for a Saturday morning.  Although, if anyone can tell me how to link to Spotify, I will.  (ps, I hope I have worked that out for myself.  If it doesn’t work, do tell me)

18 comments on “Note well

  1. Z

    Oh come on, BW, that isn’t fair. I’ve just spent quite some time reading your archives, and now I really want to read them all, from the start. I have got an offline life to lead, you know.

  2. Blue Witch

    But…I’m the only bee in your bonnet
    Make a little birdhouse in your soul

    I have a secret to tell
    From my electrical well
    It’s a simple message so
    I’m leaving out the whistles and bells
    The room must listen to me…

  3. Z

    The Sage would agree with you. I can almost guarantee that he’s never heard of Eric Clapton. He has heard of Russ Conway, but only because he met him a couple of times. And possibly of Beethoven (whom he never met).

  4. Z

    I can’t either, but if Dave thinks he’s going to provoke me he’s wrong. I’ve lived with a cloth-eared husband too long.

    The only trouble with the DID blog is, I don’t see how I can choose 8 tracks. 8 albums, perhaps, but a single piece of music is like choosing one aria from an opera or a chapter of a book.

  5. Tim

    Dave is mischievous, yes. He can’t have pursued his vocation without music. As for DIDs, it’s not final – you can always transfer to another island. But it does concentrate the mind, I think.
    Your Spotify links work fine, BTW.

  6. Z

    Dave does listen to music, of course, he doesn’t say he doesn’t like it.

    It was interesting, that most of you who answered the question looked back to the past for music you liked. I think I’d go for music I’ve discovered more recently, on the whole.

    20th anniversary, I think, Badge?

  7. badgerdaddy

    It is. I have few ‘ambitions’, I tend to just get on and do things, but I do have a hearfelt ambition to meet Pearl Jam just to say ‘thank you’ for the years of company and all the happiness they’ve added to my life. I am SUCH a sap sometimes, but I would dearly love to do that.


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