My normal, sulky self

I opened a bottle of wine last night. A sparkling pink Pinot Grigio (‘blush’ they called it which sets my teeth on edge somewhat, except that it was a very pale pink and so I can see that they have a faint justification). I asked the chaps if they would like some.

The Sage occasionally does, but often drinks cider. Ro doesn’t drink much, and when he does, it might be wine or lager. But everyone cheers up at the thought of a sparkle, even if they were perfectly happy before. So they both said yes.

By the time I’d cooked dinner I was ready for a refill. Offered the bottle around. Both said no.

Please and thank you can be assumed, as you know we are nothing if not polite.

So I said “oh, you mean I’m going to have to finish the bottle then.”

“Well,” said the cheeky 22-year-old whippersnapper Ro “no one says you have to.”

Later, I waved the bottle again. “Sure you don’t want any more?” “Yeah, okay,” said Ro, with a challenging look.

I went away for less than a week. He has become entirely cheeky. I am the butt of all jokes again. Even beloved daughter was in on the act, pretending to agree with me after losing an argument (just a difference of opinion, not a quarrel) so that she could save face. Hah! She couldn’t win, so she had to lose while pretending to humour me.

I’m out again tonight. The last Snape prom concert I’m going to this year. One of the more unusual, furthermore. It’s the Tibetan monks of Tashi Lhunpo and I don’t know quite what to expect.

I’m going with a gentleman friend…………

2.12 pm.
ps. Now it’s hailing. And thundering and lightninging. I put washing on the line when it was sunny. Don’t you love an English summer? I expected nothing less, it is August Bank Holiday after all.

9 comments on “My normal, sulky self

  1. How do we know

    Hi Zoe: Today was the first day that my husband came to my blog, and he was soo impressed by what you wrote in that comment..

    I did a masters degree in my stream so guess you could call me educated. I work in an office yes, and away from home, and I do love my family and my country a lot(I am an Indian). I like to read the papers and stay in touch.

    You are sensitive, thoughtful and humorous.
    _ Guess you mean that as a compliment, and I’ll be glad to take a bow and say “Thank You!”

    But what completely impresses me, is how you figured out about the children..and our longing for a child now.. I don’t remember talking about children on this blog..
    And you’re right, it would be difficult to have a child just now..not irresponsible.. just a little difficult..
    Do tell me how you knew..
    Suddenly, I get the feeling of warmth – like there’s a friend across the sea somewhere.. 🙂

  2. Geena

    Oh I do like a blushing wine….

    Let us know how the monks were..sounds rather intriguing..what in earth are a bunch of Tibetan monks doing in the English countryside?

  3. Z

    Thanks for that Banana – I’ll have to switch drinks then!

    how do we know – well, I didn’t did I – my initial assumption was that you were a man was because of your personal reticence, I suppose, but in fact you gave so few clues there, it was the hardest thing to guess about you.
    A friend, yes, I do hope so.
    But you did mention a wish for a child, on a meme quite some time ago and I remembered it. I hope that wish comes true.

  4. Z

    hi geena, your comments came through just as I was writing to the others.

    The monks have been staying in Snape for the last week, they are on an English tour and have several performances booked in London in September – I put the list in my programme which I lent to my friend, so I haven’t got it right now.

    I don’t think I had any links – I haven’t linked to any blogs, although I read rather a lot of them.

  5. Z

    hdwk – ooh, and you just showed your husband your blog! I’d feel quite shy if my husband read mine (he’s welcome to, but he, like my sons, thinks it’s a bit weird!), although we’ve been married 33 years!

  6. Geena

    Well there you go – shows how much I take notice of blog stuff..I just swoop in, read the post, comment (maybe) and swoop out again.

    So many blogs…so little time…


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