Mmmm. bacon…

I had a very frustrating time yesterday evening.  I use a Mac, I have done for the last quarter century and more and I use Safari as its browser.  But my main email address is gmail.  I’ll never again use the email that my service provider gives me as, if I change provider, I’ll lose my address and people never take it on board.  When I last changed, I had someone assure me several years later that I’d never let them know … I had emails from them in my replacement address and I’m afraid I was blunt enough to send one back to prove it.  It’s an easy mistake to make, but better not to blame someone else for your own mistake.

Anyway, gmail won’t load in Safari any more and it tells me I need to update.  Well, I can’t find out how to.  I’m not sure I believe them anyway.  I can’t upload the latest version of the Apple operating system because my computer is too old and I can’t see how to download a new version of Safari.  So I’ve had to start using Firefox to use gmail (Safari is fine on the phone and iPad) and I’m not keen.  When I google something (I don’t use Google, of course) it takes me to the Wiki page describing that thing and I’ve been given cause to swear mightily, because I had a couple of quite necessary things to do today.  Last night, I had to sign in to my old Hotmail account that I hardly ever use – and thank you Hotmail, you did the trick and saved my bacon.

One thing I didn’t mention yesterday was the fate of my Magimix.  Now, I wanted it because it was the best and most expensive food processor and I thought it would be durable and jolly good.  It was the latter only.  After two or three years, outside the guarantee but when it wasn’t very old, the spindle holding the blade cracked.  Nothing could be done with it, it was useless.  I’d bought slicing and grating attachments that still could be used, but not the food processor itself.  The stainless steel blade was fine of course, so was the motor, but they weren’t any good without the blade-holder.  So I went back to Bonds where I’d bought it (now John Lewis) but they no longer stocked parts and I had to go to an electrical shop on Unthank Road, where they ordered me the new part – it was expensive.

Two or three years later, it happened again.  I was so dismayed.  After a while, I just threw the machine out.  I bought a much cheaper one and it’s still going strong, many years later.  I’d never buy Magimix again – one part failing is disappointing, but the replacement part going again is poor.

You might get a second post tonight, lucky people.  Or I might just write it tomorrow instead.

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  1. Blue Witch

    For reasons that will soon become apparent, Mr BW has recently (against my better judgment and advice) set up a gmail account. When, yesterday, he somehow had been logged out and had forgotten his password, he could only retrieve it by getting them to phone him. Unbelievable. I supect they know everything there is to know about him already.

    FF is fine with searching. No idea why you have the problems you are. Do you just need to play with the settings?

    Magimixes and Kitchen Aids are all over-rated, and prone to the sort of premature-for-cost failures you describe, from what I’ve read and heard. These days one can get spares parts cheaply for almost anything from t’inter. Soon one will be able to 3D print them.

    1. Z Post author

      I like gmail, I switched my primary account from hotmail years ago because it was so much better, though hotmail is much better itself now. Only nuisance is, there isn’t liaison between devices with hotmail, if I read something on the iPad it comes up on the computer as unread, so I’m not going back. In fact, my gmail account is fine on Safari today, it was a glitch. I used to use firefox for things that didn’t work for Safari (when Apple was unpopular and largely uncatered for) and it was perfectly ok, but the update has defaults I don’t like and I had urgent stuff to do y’day, last thing I wanted to do was play with settings.
      I have no problem resetting my password if it’s necessary, I think I get a text to a link. Or it might be an email to another address – you are recommended to put down a way to be contacted.

      I’m going back 20 years, as you say it’s a boon to order over the internet.

  2. tim

    Well, I’ve been using a Windows computer, BT ISP, btinternet mail and gmail, Internet Explorer or Chrome, Google – oh, and a Magimix – for about fifteen years now without any serious problems. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Z Post author

      I’ve used BT for a long time, largely because there are a lot of wifi spots, which is convenient around here where you don’t get 3G. The reason I don’t use Chrome is because Google tried hard to push me to switch to it. As a result, I switched search engine to Bing.

      Maybe Maximixes ware made better 15 years ago than 28 years ago? I did use it a lot while I had it.

  3. Roses

    I ended up giving Dave my food processor. It was only a cheapie and gathered a lot of dust. Be warned, he will drool over your Shiny New Mixer.


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