Milk tooth and egg tooth

The main news from yesterday was that Augustus finally has a tooth.  This tooth has had a remarkably long journey through his gum – he’s now 9 1/2 months old, all other babies in the household had teeth before they were 5 months.  I haven’t seen this proud eruption yet, I will go and inspect some time next week.  I’ll have to check with Weeza when they’ll be there though, because this will be the week when she returns to work.  Just two days to begin with, then three which was what she worked from when Zerlina was 18 months old to when she started her maternity leave.

z goes to a childminder called Linda, where she is very happy.  Gus visited for a day last week and had a brilliant time.  Another little boy has already turned into a hero and z was very attentive to her little bro too.  They were both tired out when they arrived home, had tea and went straight to bed.  So Weeza is confident that things should go well and she’s looking forward to getting back to the office.

Back here, the Sage has been acting midwife again.  The eggs have such hard shells that the chicks simply can’t break out of them, and he has had to help.  We had several wriggling their way out of their shells, lying on a towel on top of the Aga, this morning.  He chips gently at the end of the shell where the air-sac (I should have spelt that ‘sack’, to give Chris something to correct) is, and when he has broken through then he leaves it to the chick to make its way out.  It’s such a pity when the chick can’t break through, wears away its egg-tooth and dies of exhaustion, so he does what he can to help.  We have six chicks now, it’ll be lovely to see them scuttling about.  We have to keep them under cover while they are little though, there are too many predators about, such as magpies.

4 comments on “Milk tooth and egg tooth

  1. Tim

    That’s funny, I heard a tap on my window this afternoon. I looked up, and it was a magpie, obviously interested. I outstared it, and it submitted. I like them.

  2. Macy

    Funny, I was thinking there were a lot of magpies this weather. I’ve got that supersition where you have to salute a magpie so I notice the wee buggers.

  3. Mike and Ann

    There used to be a superstition that if you saw a single magpie (which was unlucky) that you sent your regards to its husband/wife/partner (which turned it into two magpies, which is lucky). Our good wishes seemed to work too, because of late years they’ve been prospering, or at least multiplying, like mad. So perhaps it’s time we stopped wishing them well and risked the bad luck?


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