Though it could be as well phrased by saying Aidez-Zoi.

The sale went well thanks, but it’s all got too busy to write about.  I’ve reached my limit, I think, which doesn’t often happen.  I’ve had to talk so much and write so many emails that I’ve run out of words.

Still, I’ll make the effort.  It’s for you, after all, and you’re Worth It.

It wasn’t until 8.30 that I found out that Al had kindly given his Saturday assistant the day off.  A sixteen-year-old boy, his parents are on holiday and his mates were coming over on Friday night and staying over – it would have been churlish, don’t you think, to make the young man get up and come to work?  Well, so Al thought anyway.  I didn’t know any prices so spent most of the morning lugging sacks of potatoes and bushels of apples about and stacking shelves rather than on the till.

I lost my iPhone.  Someone found it, tracked me down and returned it.  I am still the luckiest person I know – and he’s one of the nicest – he’s a fellow iPhone user himself, so understands.  And is a Yagnub person, so is lovely.

Oh, and Al had a parcel to post, something he’d sold on eBay, so I went along to the post office for him.  There was a queue and two people who knew each other were chatting – both had come along to pay their car road fund licence, both had tried to pay it online and had been refused – one didn’t recognise the number on the log book, the other said she hadn’t paid the insurance but she had the certificate.  The Sage tried to pay his online this year and it wouldn’t take the 16-digit number either.  So they had to trail along, as both will be at work when the PO opens again on Tuesday.  Which was quite annoying for them.

On the other hand, the internet is very useful when finding out how much postage to charge when posting £1,000-worth of china to Australia.

12 comments on “MayDay

  1. Z

    Good idea, Mago. I’ll *stick* some in the parcel.

    Thanks, Rog. I did quite a lot of research last time, though I can’t remember which companies I tried – I found to my surprise that Royal Mail was least expensive for the exact thing I wanted. The customer will pay, of course, but I’ll still check it out.

    Gap year offspring do not want their parents to visit. Why do you think they go the other side of the world?

  2. Christopher

    Just dropping in. Happy Sunday. It’s St Boris’ day, according to my French post office calendar. I don’t know whether this betokens good or evil.

  3. Z

    My sympathy, Ziggi. Weeza had three gap years and Al one, and I missed them dreadfully. It was before the days when we had internet, though we did buy a fax machine for easier communication.

    My credit card came in handy once in a while though.

    Happy St Boris’ Day, Christopher. Although it’s nearly over, of course.

    HDWK – : )

    If I follow the link, I’ll lose what’s here, so I’ll have to publish and then look. Didn’t think that one through, did I?


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