A balanced diet

I have eaten little today except cake.  This is obviously Not Good Enough, so I shall eat some chocolate before going to bed.

Mmm, bed.  Sorry, darlings, it calls.  And I seem to remember that I kindly offered to go and help in the shop tomorrow, it being a Bank Holiday weekend and all.

It’s a funny thing, shops – well, chains, that is – are all open over holiday weekends, but people still shop as if there will be a shortage of all fresh food for a week, just because of a bank holiday Monday.  Still, Al won’t complain if he can sell out of greens on Saturday.

Oh, and Weeza has a job.  Interviewed yesterday, she’s starting on Monday…

5 comments on “A balanced diet

  1. martina

    Congratulations to Weeza! Does that mean you get to spend more time with Pugsley and Squiffany?

  2. lom

    Congrats to Weeza, I have just started to apply for jobs now I feel ready to get back out into the workforce.

    Mmmmmm cake,

    nighty night

  3. Z

    I will, as it happens, Martina, as Dilly has got more work too – but Weeza is Zerlina’s mother, and z will go to a childminder as it’s too far and for too long for me to be able to help reliably.

    Good for you, LOM, glad you’re feeling up to it!

    She has to earn her keep, Dave. This isn’t Easy Street, you know.

    Absolutely. Balance is everything. I just finished the bar, by the way…


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