May is out

I’m leaving for Norwich in a little while to pick Ro and family up from the airport.   They’ve been on holiday in Tenerife for the past week.  Roses will let the chooks out in the morning and I’ll be home soon afterwards.

RasPutin, the old bruiser of a tomcat and the father of the barn cats, came along with a torn ear last week.  He was in a fight a year or so ago and one ear has been folded down since, but the same ear was lacerated.  I don’t know if it was another fight or if he caught it on barbed wire.  It’s healing up nicely, but he’s coming along more regularly for food at present.  I’m feeding him generously, I’m fond of the old reprobate.  He mews anxiously when he’s hungry, but doesn’t come at all if he’s caught his own dinner.  The young ones nearly always do, especially the two black boys.

I’ve finally caught up with the veg garden, except that I bought in some plants rather than growing everything from seed.  I planted out the squashes today, as the forecast is good and they’d have had to be potted up otherwise.  There is still half a bed free, and I’m not sure what will go there, but I’ll check through the seeds.  Some of the space was meant for leeks, but there weren’t any at the street market last week.  It’s been such a difficult spring for gardening.

However, it’ll all catch up and the local strawberries are exceptional this year.  There haven’t been any late frosts and the apples have set very well.  Spring still makes me happy and excited.  I was admiring the run of hawthorns across Humpy’s Meadow the other day, they’re spectacular in flower.  When the dead and overgrown wood was being taken out last year, ready for the barbed wire fencing to be replaced, I was anxious that they should not be cut hard back.  They’re so pretty.  It’ll be elderflowers next.  Then it’ll be summertime and I won’t notice so much, until berries ripen and the leaves change colour.

Knowing I was going to cut back some brambles, I put on jeans and a long sleeved teeshirt this morning, and it was chilly anyway.  But by the time I’d done the work, it was hot and I was tired. I sat in the sunshine to rest but I was far too hot.  I’m not sure how people wear jeans all year round, I can’t.

I must pack an overnight bag.  I rather want to have a bath and go to bed, I’m such a lightweight nowadays.  But I’ll perk up, once I’m on the road.  I’ve set a reminder on my phone, I’m always convinced I’ll forget.  I won’t, of course.  But I do need to put a pint of milk in the car, as they won’t have any for the morning otherwise.  Usually, I put stuff in the car early, as soon as I remember, but one can hardly do that with fresh milk.

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