Z is let down by a bolt from the … from the road.

The plane was late, as it always is unless the person picking up is late.  It’s the rule.  Apparently, headwinds.  But no problem as such, I waited a bit on the slip road to the car park as – frugal old Z – they charge several pounds if you wait more than the first free 15 minutes.  As soon as they’d picked up their luggage, I drove in and, less than ten minutes later, we were on our way back and arrived soon after midnight.

Rose was letting my chickens out in the morning so I was in no hurry and we chatted and then I drove home via the garden centre, where I bought some lettuce plants (I didn’t sow seeds, I don’t care) and compost for the tomatoes.  And then I realised the baby’s car seat was still in my car.  Oh sodding joy.  I messaged Ronan, who hadn’t yet realised, and promised to go back that afternoon.  Which I did.  And on the way, I heard a slight noise and wondered if I had a puncture but the car didn’t feel any different so I forgot about it.  But I did have a puncture, from a socking great 3 inch bolt, that went right through the tread of the tyre and out again on the side.

Ronan did most of the work of changing the tyre.  I’ve just ordered a new wheel brace because the one that comes with the car is too hard for feeble Z to use.  I’ve also ordered a new jack that should be easier too – it’s all very well for big strong men, but little old women need to change tyres too.  And then I called in on the local tyre place and I’ve got a new one, and at least I knew that it was due to be replaced before the car’s July MOT.  All the same, it wasn’t how I expected to spend the afternoon and it wasn’t how I expected to spend £66.  Still.

I’ve potted up the tomatoes and I’ll do the rest of the planting out tomorrow.  And I had a lovely long chat with a client, who’s just got back from Greece and whose china I’ll post in the morning.  The reason I carry on these auctions is the people, they are lovely.  I’m going to visit two more clients in the next ten days – after these years of blogging, it seems natural to me that people I’ve never met are friends.

I’m missing lovely Tim terribly.  But it’s only a couple more days.  So I won’t finish on a sentimental note.

The egg mountain is no more.  I’ve used a dozen or more and have given away 29 eggs in the last few days.  Yvette the Serama is feeling a bit broody and I left an egg with her, or else I’d have given away 30.  Whatever eggs are laid tomorrow and Wednesday morning, I’ll take along to Tim’s.  By that time, I’ll also have caught up with paperwork and planting out.  I’ve said it, so it has to happen.  Hmmmmm.

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