Man get out

Mother’s day, so all my children phoned me. And I had a card from Ro, drawn by Rufus with the caption “Love you Granny xxx” at which I melted, of course. We are all very much looking forward to seeing each other again, but it’ll be a fortnight yet before that’s okayed.

There’s a website/Facebook page called ‘overheard in Waitrose.’ A friend reposted a picture of a bag of mangetout from Tesco. The caption was “My mom called these ‘Man Get Out’ and I’ve been crying since.” I’ve been giggling ever since, I will never call them (snow peas, if you’re over the waters, and the joke doesn’t work) anything else ever again.

Tonight, we had a perfect roast chicken. I claim little credit, it was a free-range Suffolk bird (from Sutton Hoo), I covered the breast with rashers of local Tamworth bacon and just roasted it, with garlic, butter and lemon pushed inside, the potatoes were roasted in the fat from the (local) lamb chops from a couple of nights ago. It was fabulous, even though the cat rejected it. I ran out of her regular food last week and had to stock up at the supermarket (I’m sorry to say that Evil Amazon gets a bimonthly order) and she adores the food that I bought there. It’s just that she’s loving the change, I hope, or else I’ll have to cancel Amazon and pay for small quantities at double price.

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  1. Kestrel

    I wonder why Mother’s and Father’s Days are not on the same dates internationally. Women’s Day is and so is Children s Day. We celebrate Mother’s Day on the second week of May so I was a bit surprised to read your grandchild drew you a card. Gone are my days of receiving drawn cards from my girl who is now a grown girl, luckily I have kept ALL of them. Noted your roast chicken recipe, I make the lamest roast chicken, dry on outside and well not very tasty. I think the bacon slices on top is a great idea. I am going to try this and surprise the family, GOod or Bad surprise, we’ll see!!!

    1. Z Post author

      Ah, Britain actually celebrates Mothering Sunday, a day in the Christian calendar since hundreds of years ago. It used to be the celebration of the Mother Church. But over the years, it’s become more a celebration of mothers and Americanised into Mother’s Day. But we’ve kept the same date.

      I usually put something on top, even if it is just buttered or oiled greaseproof paper, to protect the chicken breast and remove it later to brown the skin. Bacon is ideal because it roasts too and is delicious. Otherwise, a good tip is to start cooking the chicken upside down, either on a rack or a layer of onion. That keeps the breast juicy. Half way through the cooking time, turn it breast up so the skin can brown. I always do that if I roast a turkey, it really makes a difference.


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