log lifting

Today, Stevo and I moved the pile of logs from outside the side porch (you can’t have missed spotting them if you came to this year’s blog party) and most of them are under cover, apart from those that need chainsawing first.  And we swept the area and I cut and shaped a conifer that I rather wish wasn’t there at all, because it blocks my view.

My mother used to plant things that did that, and assured me she did it to give me something nice to look at.  Actually, in every instance, I’d liked the view I had beforehand, but there was no point in telling her that, she’d have taken it badly.  Once, when she brought us a bottle of wine, she asked if it was worth buying again – she couldn’t drink alcohol, it gave her a migraine.  It wasn’t especially nice and I said, as tactfully as I could phrase it, that it wasn’t quite up to the level of the very nice wine she’d brought last time, and she was deeply offended and accused me of being ungrateful.  It was easier just to give fulsome praise to everything, even paint stripper masquerading as wine.

none of the barn cats came for dinner this evening, so I suppose they had a good day’s hunting.  The iPad just wilfully ‘corrected’ that to day shunting, with no warning.  For my part, I was the hunted in the night, I fell asleep to the whine of a mosquito and am rather red and lumpy of chest now.

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    1. Z Post author

      I’ve been shunting for weeks – everything to do with personal finance, I can’t see when I’ll get round to doing it all.


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