Letting go

I’ve been feeling melancholy and, I realise now, I’ve pushed myself a bit much.  It’s all right, I’ve got over it but I did lean on a friend for a few minutes this afternoon and was glad to.  I’ll email him later and be cheerful.  I didn’t cry, anyway.  Though it would have been all right if I had, he’s a good enough friend.

There are always books left over from a stall of course, and I took them along to the local second-hand bookshop yesterday.  Letting go was necessary but quite hard.  I then decided to have lunch at a local restaurant, which was nice but a bit lonely as I was the only person sitting alone.  I bought myself a nice glass jug at Crocks.

I didn’t really sleep on Sunday night, but made up for it last night, it was lovely.  My friend, who I leant on, compared notes on the subject.  He tends to be awake for a while every night and was dismayed, a year or two ago, when I told him it was a classic sign of stress.  Today, I told him the theory that it can be a natural pattern, to have two periods of sleep rather than one – but it is stress, with him, I know.  Too many people take their work home with them, emotionally as well as physically.

4 comments on “Letting go

  1. tim

    I gave up worrying about waking up at night a while ago, figuring that if I was awake, it was because I didn’t need the sleep. I’m sure that’s not true for everyone, but it works for me.
    A little nap after lunch helps too…

  2. Sharifa

    i like what tim said! 🙂

    sounds as if you’re finding new ways of being, not easy as you know, but moving forward. be well, sweetpea. xoxoxoxo

  3. Z Post author

    That’s my attitude too, mostly, Tim – but it’s the wee small hours when you fret, if there’s anything to fret about. He said he can’t sleep in the daytime, he wakes with a raging headache. I said he needs more practice.

    I won’t find peace until it’s all done, Sharifa, but that isn’t to say that the doing is easy. I’m coping better during, but still have a wobble afterwards. I cooked a lovely, soothing supper to show myself that I cared!

    When one has a 6 year old granddaughter, ‘Let It Go’ is sung at max volume anyway, Rog, as I suspect you know. It certainly has its effect.


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