LaZee Zed

Zerlina is extremely strong-willed.  We knew it, but she does try it on somewhat.  We were all barefoot today – well, she was bare-everything.  The Sage kept his shoes on, of course, and socks.  She wanted me to put my sandals on, so I put my toes in, but later on, after lunch when I was barefoot again, she instructed me to put my shoes on and I refused.  She told me repeatedly and firmly and I started to feel a bit got at.  It was quite funny though.  We all wondered ironically where she had got it from (her mother, since you don’t appear to have got the answer right at once).

I’ve spent quite some time this evening drafting the Churchwardens’ annual report for the AGM, which is on Wednesday.  Yes, I know I am not churchwarden any more.  I’m not even going to the meeting.  But I am, sadly, practised in admin and the present churchwardens, better as they are than me in most other respects, aren’t.  So I’ve left them to look up various facts, such as how many weddings and funerals were held, and done the rest of it.  It has to be sent up to Diocesan House and is an official record.

Tomorrow, Weeza, Phil and Zerlina and Ro and Dora are coming for lunch.  Dilly’s parents are coming over for lunch with them, so I expect the little cousins will play together in the afternoon.  We’re having roast lamb.  And cake.  I spent some time this evening making little cakes and I shall decorate them in the morning.  I also have some raspberries (no idea where they were flown in from) and ice cream.  Bought.  I’m feeling lazy.

7 comments on “LaZee Zed

  1. Z

    It’s true. I am ashamed. I did spend an hour decorating fairy cakes this morning, though.

    Er. You could be right, Mago. Although Zerlina hasn’t learned finesse yet. If she’d brought me my sandals and said they were pretty and would I wear them, of course she’d have got her own way.

    Bathtime doesn’t count, Dave.

  2. Z

    She was all charm and sweetness today, Martina. And I keep my shoes on at home – we have gravel outside and one never knows when a pebble might have been trodden into the house.

    Thank you, HDWK – the party hasn’t happened yet, it’s on 2nd May.


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