Lay Z

I had, of necessity, rather overdone it on Sunday, so I didn’t do much yesterday  – dozed in the morning and only got out of bed if I needed to.  I felt fine, until I got up and then I had no energy and was actually rather keen to lie supine again.  Al and co came over in the afternoon, and young Pugsley played his guitar – very well, he works hard at it and he’s really good.  He’s not the chattiest of ten-year-olds, but he’s quite self-possessed.

I’m mostly stiff because of the massive bruise on my thigh, which only came out after a couple of days.  Being an idiot, I thought I’d got away without bruising, to start with.  Ho ho, not at all.  But it’s already started to go from black to dark purple, so it’s healing already.  Sometimes I can walk quite easily and sometimes I need to lean hard on my sticks, but it’s fine.  I’m way better already and, though I might take a couple of paracetamol before bed tonight, I may not.  I was sent home with a cocktail of codeine, ibuprofen and paracetamol and I haven’t needed much of them.  I’ll stick ’em in a drawer and use them up eventually, I suppose, though I’ll probably hand back the codeine, I can’t think why I’d want it.  If I’d had an op because of an accident, maybe I’d be more aware of pain but I’m already used to arthritis and it’s no worse.

I’ve almost finished Christmas shopping – all from the internet, I’m afraid, but I had no realistic choice.  I didn’t have the time or the mobility to go out and about, though I would have bought all I could in Yagnub, if the chance had arisen.

Last time, I made my bed blissfully comfortable with lots of pillows, but it’s taken me a couple of days to get it just right this time.  I’ve now – or rather, LT has under my direction – added an extra duvet to lie on, for added softness, so I hope I’ll be more rested when I’ve been in bed, therefore needing to spend less time there. I haven’t even got dressed yet, which is very lazy.  Not that it bothers me in the least.  I see nothing at all wrong with being lazy.

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    1. Z Post author

      Yes, I’m reading a lot and hope it’ll kick start my normal reading pattern – i find it harder to read by artificial light these days and who has time to read a lot in daylight hours?

    1. Z Post author

      Thank you, I’m getting better every day.

      Wince did it for us and I can’t go outside to take a picture – it’s nothing very elegant anyway. There’s a small covered pen outside the hen house and he took a section of wire out of that. He cleared a path between there and the greenhouse, where we’d removed a pane, made a wooden framework and covered it with wire netting and dug it in – not sure how fox proof it is. It’s attached at each end and I should think it is staked at the sides in a few places – it really is basic, but they’re perfectly happy with it. Wild birds could leave droppings through the netting, however, and that could be prevented with finer mesh added above, but I’ve not done anything about that yet. I think it’s a very small risk at present, though I’ll do something about it once I’m out and about. There’s a lift up/drop down barrier at the hen house end, so the chickens can be shut up at night for safety. We bought some netting and used a staple gun to attach it to the greenhouse where needed.

  1. Blue Witch

    Many thanks. The tunnel idea will work well for us in the future. I’d just thought hen house is here, polytunnel is there, the two can’t be any closer, therefore it won’t work, and now it might.

    Talking to ladies with hens at one of my crafty groups in Suffolk earlier in the week, most of them are doing nothing – unless one reads/hears the news one wouldn’t know anyway, would one?


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