Home again, home again jiggety-jog.

It must be said, the food was jolly good. I had a Sunday lunch – roast beef and potatoes, broccoli and carrots, followed by steamed jam sponge pudding, that was better than I’ve had in some restaurants. And everyone was perfectly lovely there.

I suggested to Ro and Dora that, if they wanted to visit, they should make it before lunch rather than after and I put Weeza and family off altogether. They had spent the weekend with Phil’s family and coming over here to the house would make too long a day for the children, who have school tomorrow. I dressed quite early, practised walking, had X-rays taken and spent an hour with Ro, Dora and Rufus (who is now six months old), then LT came to fetch me home. Since then, I’ve stayed in bed. I am very tired, though I feel perfectly well, and I will rest tomorrow, I expect. Of course I’ll get up and potter about a bit but there’s nothing I must do unless I feel like it.

Eloise cat was so pleased to see me. She lay on me, purring, for most of the afternoon.

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