Lambda hope, glory and a very strong wind

Dilly was taking part in a do at the village hall this morning, so Pugsley spent the morning with us. Mid-morning, we walked down to the village hall to fetch Squiffany, who had gone with her mother. On the way home a squally rainshower hit us amidships. Didn’t help that Squiffany didn’t have a coat, although at least her top had a hood, as did my jacket and Pugsley’s. At one point we huddled under a (fir, so still leafy) tree. We had to have cheesy biscuits and marshmallows to recover when we reached home, as well as put all our clothes in the tumble drier.

Very pleasant now, though. I’m sitting in an armchair by a glowing coal fire, listening to the rain and the wind. There’s always something enjoyable about hearing bad weather when you aren’t going to have to go out in it again. It’s only quarter past four, but there is an early evening feel in the air.

I understand that fewer people wear watches nowadays. I hate having to fish my phone out to see the time but I need to be aware of it as I’m usually on my way somewhere for a specific hour , so I can’t be without mine. I put it back on after bathing in the evening so that I don’t have to remember it next morning. The Sage hasn’t worn one for years, however and I gather that he’s more typical of the young, who don’t bother.

I was thinking about the way people tend to make snap assumptions about each other. It was because a blogger mentioned her cleaning woman, which gave rise to a teasing remark about how rich she must be. But of course we all have our extravagances and our cheeseparings and there may be good and specific reasons for one man’s luxury to be another’s necessity. But it can just as much be that there’s one or two things that give so much pleasure that you would hate to give them up.

Then there was the “news” that we all waste a lot of leftover liquids. I think that’s a bit silly, especially as it’s based on only asking 300 people. The vast amount of wine that we’re supposed to pour down the sink – huh? I have only occasionally thrown wine away – I remember one bottle that was undrinkable, and so nasty that it could have ruined any food it was cooked in. Otherwise, the occasional dregs, but normally a small amount would be used up in cooking. If there’s more, I drink it. Obviously.

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  1. Marion

    An unusual 75 sunny degrees for us here today. I love the warm, snug feeling when it’s miserable outside, but it’s always tainted by knowing all the animals that are not allowed indoors. We have many here who tie their dogs up and just let the cats fend for themselves.

  2. Z

    Tilly’s on the sofa, snug and comfortable. I know what you mean. Though some dogs love to go out in a storm, they should have the option of coming indoors again.

  3. savannah

    really warm here again, sugar. i was ready for the cold, so this is unexpected…but i digress. y’all were saying…
    watches – don’t wear one because i’m to lazy to get some new battereis for them and i can’t find the old one…
    wine – never have any to throw away, we drink it all!
    snap assumptions – i agree with what y’all said!
    and have a great rest of the weekend! xoxox

  4. luckyzmom

    I very seldom wear a watch because I have forget to take them off and have ruined too many of them. However I don’t understand why anyone would pour wine down the drain unless it was undrinkable.

  5. Z

    I’m so old fashioned. All you watchless trendsetters.

    I don’t believe any wine drinker throws it away. Just one of those silly surveys. They also complain about throwing away tea – practically everyone makes tea straight into the mug with a teabag now, and if you do make a potful and there’s some left over, it’s flavoured water you don’t want to drink, it’s not waste. Anyway, you can water the houseplants with it.

    The snap assumptions I make about these survey compilers is that they are overpaid bores. Glad I’m not related to any of them.

    Cheers, darlings xx

  6. Anonymous

    The dogs here are awful during storms. They act stressed 20 minutes before the storm. The cat tries to hide under the sofa,but she is much too chubby to get under.
    Water resistant wrist watch-I wear it constantly. Otherwise I’d never arrive at work or appointments on time!

  7. Dave

    I always wear a watch. As well as having a clock in every room in the house (especially the bathroom, as I do take my watch off in the bath).

  8. Z

    Poor cat! I’m too chubby to get under the sofa too.

    Dave, I have a bath at the end of the day, by which time I’m no longer clock-watching. We have clocks but we never wind them as I don’t like the ticking. Or the chiming. My mother had three clocks in her sitting room. Used to drive me nuts,

  9. Christopher

    How lucky you are to have your family so close. Mine could hardly be scattered further throughout Western Europe.

    Enjoying the Greek alphabet. We’re running a book here on how you cope with Φ and Ψ. Cyrillic next, or the Futhorc?

  10. Sarah

    I have never worn a watch. the old clockwork ones gain 24hrs in 24hrs! Too much static electricity or something.

    I got so used to having a pretty good instict about the time that I never bothered with digital. I still manage to pick up P from the school bus, or be somewhere on time…usualy early!

  11. dharmabum

    i have never sat by coal fire, or any fire, except a couple of times when i went to the himalayas. and i did not need it, but just wanted to be a part of the gang! it has always fascinated me, the life of people who live in cold places. i love cold!

    thakn you, is perhaps an understatement. i value blessings from others. and you have touched me. it is nice, because if i remember, i started reading your blog a while ago.

    if ever u were to come down to madras, and i knoew you do have friends here, please let me know. and who knows, may be He will take me to that lovely abode of yours

  12. Z

    I spend most of my waking hours worrying about them, Christopher. The letters, that is. There will be a hiatus while I’m away, though I’m writing a few posts to keep you all from missing me too much.

    My mother used not to be able to wear watches as her magnetic personality broke them. She could wear a battery-powered watch though.

    I went to Dehra Dun in February and was ushered by my hosts into their sitting room, complete with lovely log fire. I hadn’t expected it, it was lovely. There was snow in the foothills and some of our party who’d never seen snow piled into cars to go and see.

    I very much hope to come to Madras again and I’d love to see you. No plans in the offing at present, circumstances dictate that it may not be for two years. But if you come to England in the meantime, there will be a warm welcome for you.


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