Kappa tween her teeth

For new readers, my youngest granddaughter knocked out one of her new front teeth a few weeks ago, which was rather traumatic, especially for Weeza. However, we’re resolutely ignoring the gap and celebrating her other new teeth instead, Today, Weeza bit a chunk out of a hard green apple (probably a Granny Smith) and gave the rest to her and she gnashed her way through it very well. For the last couple of months, Zerlina has been concentrating on perfecting her walking and her vocabulary hasn’t extended much beyond three or four words, but I suspect that may be about to change. Tonight, she waved and said “bye bye” to me, which she hasn’t before. She understands everything that is said to her, but she’s used a couple of useful portmanteau words, one of which is “baddy” for anything rather splendid, including a handbag, which she likes very much. My bag is picked up and put over her shoulder before being trundled about the room.

I bought a new bag today, a large and capacious one which will be quite adequate as hand baggage for my holiday the week after next. I will also be able to fit files of A4 paper in it, which will be very useful for meetings when I don’t want the formality of a briefcase. I did buy boots too, quite straightforward black ones with just the right heel – I can’t walk far in too high or too low; an inch to an inch and a half is about right for me. This has taken some getting used to, as I’ve always worn heels and, being short, prefer two or three extra inches. In addition to that, I bought some trousers and a jumper so it was a successful afternoon. Sometimes a day spent not expending cash counts as successful but there are days when the plastic has to come out. The Sage and I will, I expect, politely bicker over the bill in a few weeks – he will want to pay it and so will I. He always encourages me to spend money on myself because, whatever impression I might give, I rarely do it.

I have a busy week ahead of me – apart from anything else, the Sage and I have had a most sensible and friendly discussion about doing the work that wasn’t done today, without that fact being mentioned. Tact ruled. We have agreed that he and I will do some of it next Thursday (I offered Monday afternoon or Thursday as the only times I have free) and that he and Weeza will do the other part of it one weekend. So all’s good here.

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