Ladies wot lunch

I had lunch with Rose today at the pub near her present home. It’s a nice place – much more a restaurant than a pub, there’s a bar but not a bar area to sit, it’s all tables to eat at. But the food is good and what stands out most is that the staff are great. Cheerful and friendly, very good at their job, they make the atmosphere. I have the email of the manager and I will write and tell him so. It’s also very convenient as a more-or-less central place for the whole family, being 10-35 minutes from any of us, so I was glad that Rose introduced it to me.

Eloise cat went for her vaccination this week. I like the young vet there. He understands cats. I put her carrier on the ground, he unfastened it and then left her to come out and investigate the room on her own. I said that she is friendly and never scratches, but I think he’d have been fine if she’d been nervy. Which reminds me that the wariest of the barn cats, Barney, returned after a few days away this morning, not putting one of his front paws to the ground. He’s too cautious to hold and have a look, I’m wondering whether to try to catch him. He seems quite relaxed about life and he ate well, but it was more than just a limp. I’ll watch him for a few days.

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