A life in pictures – Clarissa

The young man must be David, the older couple her parents. The house by the river was the one in Norwich, the other house, from two angles, was the one in Lowestoft. The photo of the small children at school, I’ve no idea – I can’t see Clarissa, but maybe you can. The handwritten piece looks like a prayer, but I haven’t deciphered it yet. Pretty dreadful poem that her father wrote, but Queen Alexandra’s lady-in-waiting wrote a tactful reply. The photo of the four old ladies – obviously Clarissa on the left in her best party dress. It wasn’t her 100th, because it was taken in our Oulton Broad dining room. The lady in dark red was my sister-in-law’s mother-in-law, but I don’t remember – though I recognise their faces – who the others were.

2 comments on “A life in pictures – Clarissa

  1. 63mago

    The handwritten text could be two texts from the Bible. Acquaint now thyself … Hiob 21 etc. The LOrd in the midst of thee is mighty … Zephania 3.17

    1. Z Post author

      Thank you! I must look them up and try to think what might have been their significance. It’ll probably remain a mystery, I suspect. But it’s good to know the origin.


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