L thee happy cows

I thought you might like to know a bit more about the farm* where Pinkie and Scarlet live. If you live in Norfolk and take the EDP, there’s a double-page article about Jonathan in today’s agricultural supplement, but I think that can only be accessed online the same day if you subscribe. The Sage went to visit the girls again this morning – Brian was surprised when not only Pinkie but Scarlet too went to him for their breakfast. “She won’t take food from your hand,” said Brian “… oh, she just did.” The cows shared a cauliflower, some sweetcorn and a few apples.

It was raining this morning, which wasn’t on the forecast I heard last night and so, although it didn’t last long, timings and stuff mean that we won’t bricklay after all. This means that I’m doing pretty well nothing instead. I’ve cleared a week’s worth of bottles from the kitchen and put on the washing machine. Um. That doesn’t sound quite enough effort for a morning, in truth. Fortunately, I do not suffer from a compulsive need to be busy so I shall continue to relax with the papers.

* I have to say, I think a close relationship with his vet has improved conception rates. sounds a bit dodge, but it’s all earnestly meant.

19 comments on “L thee happy cows

  1. zIggI

    funnily enough I too cleared a weeks worth of bottles and those recycling boxes are just not big enough are they?!

    Put a wash in as well and have conveniently forgotten about it until you reminded me and now it’s too late to hang it out. Do I care, nope another sloe gin please.

    Loads of sloes this year aren’t there? I usually pick them from horseback but this year I haven’t had that benefit so they’re fair game for others, one of whom however, has promised me a bottle or three for Xmas.

  2. Z

    It took ages, Dave. Dozens of them – mind you, the Sage has been on antibiotics and off the booze all week, so it could have been worse.

    We don’t have recycling bozes Ziggi, just two wheelie bins and we’re not allowed to put glass in them. There’s a bottle bank in the village, but I mostly buy plonk with screwtops, and then the bottles can go to the cider club for reuse.

    Loads of sloes, best year for ages. Cheers!

  3. Marion

    Interesting farm story. A lot of work I’m sure. We are in our chilly, damp, cloudy days here. I think a drizzly rain has just started, which means soup weather.

  4. Scarlet-Blue

    I’m pleased Scarlet is getting friendlier… also pleased to meet someone who isn’t compulsively busy!
    The trouble with doing the laundry is that it makes a pile of ironing. Sigh.

  5. Z

    Too right, Scarlet. I’ve a whole pile of ironing waiting to be done, on a spare room bed. Unfortunately, next weekend I will need all the bedrooms in the house, so I’ve either got to shove it in a suitcase where I will forget about it, or do it. Frankly, the latter is the less likely.

  6. Ivy

    You could be rich with all those bottles if they went back to the “olden ways” of recycling where you got a 1d or 2d for bottles returned. Wonder why they don`t bring that idea back?

  7. Z

    Absolutely true, Ivy – if the government was really serious about the environment they’d ban all these disposable containers. Reuse is far greener than recycling – but unpopular with supermarkets because of the extra trouble to them. I still get milk from the milkman in glass bottles though.

  8. Roses

    I’m thinking about putting my laundry on too.

    I am happy to admit publickly that I don’t do ironing. Nope. Not a bit of it.

    Good to hear Scarlet is becoming more sociable.

  9. Z

    I’ve got two loads on the line and another in the machine now – all domestic goddishness around here today. I only iron if it’s absolutely necessary, usually immediately before putting it on. My sister is an astonishingly efficient ironer, including teatowels and everything.

  10. Dave

    Z, what has happened to your eye? It appears to have grown a face!!

    My ironing-board hasn’t been used for over 6 months, and now it’s turning chilly and I can put jumpers over un-ironed shirts, it will probably go a whole year in the cupborad.

  11. Z

    Don’t worry, it’s only temporary. But how observant of you.

    Two of us with eyes left comments on Belgian Waffle’s blogs and it rather spooked her. So I thought my face would cheer her up – oh, I’ve just noticed the flaw in that plan. Hm.


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