‘K for a few minutes? Excellent

Lovely to see you. What can I get you to drink? Dinner won’t be long.

While I’m about it, think of Non-Working Monkey at 5 pm tomorrow, Montreal-time (which is probably half-past never anywhere else) as it will be the time she starts to get married. She’s one of the many bloggers I visit and comment to regularly, even though they never visit (as far as I know) or comment in return, which means a) that I’m a lovely person and b) that she’s worth the effort.

While you’re in the wedding mood, raise a glass to Sheer Almshouse and her new husband.

And, though this wedding isn’t for nearly two more weeks, please drink another toast to Martin and Wendy, who MET THROUGH THIS VERY BLOG. Yes, really. It is my proudest moment as a blogger, because they are both absolutely lovely (yes, I’ve met them so I know ’tis true) and so deserve each other, in the best possible way.

Anyway, now your glass is empty after all this toasting – let me top you up. Twiglet? Cheese straw (of course they’re home-made, if not by me)? Interesting little baked thingy straight out of the oven? Ooh, another swig of gin will sooth. No, spit it out on the napkin, I won’t even notice.

Scarlet and Pinkie have gone back to the farm today. The Sage called round with some corn on the cob for them and they are fine, and send their love. Pinkie is the oldest cow on the farm, at 12 years old. She may well calve by the end of the month; I’ll let you know. Scarlet’s calf will arrive next month. We won’t, probably, have cows on the field until next April to give the grass time to grow, but there’s plenty of good hay and silage for them and they will be well cared for. Graham, Jonathan and Brian are excellent farmers of the cows in their care and they know every animal on the farm well.

Winter draws on, as they say, and Al has pumpkins for sale at the shop. For myself, I’m into smart little skirts, which unfortunately means I can’t wear comfortable shoes any more. It’s not that my shoes don’t fit, just that walking shoes and sandals are so comfy and nothing else quite matches up. Still, appearance is everything, don’t you think?

Lovely music and French lessons today, I had a great time. I do think teenagers are worth spending time with.

Tomorrow, weather permitting (the forecast is good), we’re bringing on the wall again.

16 comments on “‘K for a few minutes? Excellent

  1. zIggI

    Oh I say any excuse for a snifter or three, but no twiglets thanks – blah, I’ll stick to the horseback riding devils and know-it-all teenagers.

  2. Z

    I think Katy Newton first introduced me to her, and I know NWM took me to Belgian Waffle – I love the interconnectingness of blogs!

  3. Roses

    Yes please!

    Can I have tall, dark and handsome? Must like: teenagers, cats and a smoking pagan. Endless patience and a quirky world view a necessity. Someone not ‘normal’.

  4. Z

    Dave, I’ve got some breadsticks and a tomato salsa for you. Maybe you’d like cottage cheese instead of cheddar for lunch in future?

    I think I can do the ‘someone not normal’ bit easily enough, Roses, not sure about all the rest!

  5. Wendz

    Oh Z – look at you! Thanks for the toast.

    I must update you though…..

    There is a real possibility that we will have to delay our wedding.

    It seems that the registrar general is not happy with our paperwork and is demanding other documents from my lawyer in France, which I am waiting for. (The French aren’t good at hurrying up and doing things.)

    Only once I have this and receive the thumbs up from the registrar general can we actually proceed with the wedding.

    It’s all very upsetting and frustrating and has caused a lot of stress (and more than a few tears), but I am sure we will get there in the end, even if we do have to wait just a little bit longer to tie the knot.

  6. Z

    Proper food is coming up Dave – they are just the precursors. Breadsticks and tomato make a meal for me when I’m dieting, but I recognise that they aren’t most people’s idea of real food.

    And no. Why, would you like a discussion on the history of detective fiction?

    Oh, Wendz. I hope it won’t take much longer – blimey, darling, how frustrating.

  7. Sheer Almshouse

    Z… thanks for the love and blessings and of course the special toast here.

    I have to admit that I am really just getting back into the grove… just enough to post pics. Not enough to blog about it yet.

    We are happy and our hearts are full.

    We hope to follow your example of 30 plus (and counting) years in wedded bliss.

    BTW… that is a LOVELY profile pic of you madam!


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