Just to destroy your mental image of me……

A year ago, I decided to go away, all by myself, for a few days. Of course, if the Sage did holidays, I’d have taken him too, but there’s no place like home to a wise man and he elected to stay behind.

A family asked me to take a picture of them – with their camera of course. And then insisted on returning the favour. Of course, I’m not really this toothy, nor is my nose so enormous – it was the angle and the smirk -, but my hair was really that untidy because no one was going to see me.

17 comments on “Just to destroy your mental image of me……

  1. Anonymous

    That photo is NOT only a year old. No way!

    That is a picture of a 25 year old. A very pretty one too.

    You ARE trying to pull the pull over our eyes, aren’t you! (Not that I don’t think you could be pretty)


  2. Z

    Bless your sweet heart. Yes, beginning of October 2005. I’m not sure if it looks like me (I’ll ask my daughter), but it is me and I was 52 there.

    I don’t expect I’ll leave it up, it’s freaking me out a bit to feel overexposed, but it’ll let my blogfriends know what I look like.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh and if you get 2 simiilar comments from me it’s because Blogger kicked me out the 1st time and I had to do it again. Bah.

  4. Z

    Geena darling, I chose that particular picture because it was such a poor one that you couldn’t see what I really look like….

    The good thing about comment moderation is that if someone has accidentally sent one twice, I can just put it up once. Yours only did come through once, however.

  5. laurel

    oh, you’re lovely !! now, if only I can look that good in ten years 🙂
    and yes, you completely blew my mental image of you (I have been lurking here for about a year)..but in the nicest way…
    Lucky Sage…

  6. Z

    Thank you Laurel, that is really kind. This photo wasn’t really meant to be an ego trip – I do not have that big a nose …… or maybe I do, the camera may mislead but it doesn’t actually lie ……. I do look younger than usual in that picture, however. You probably wouldn’t recognise me in real life. Except for the messy hair.

    Maybe I’d better put up a more realistic photo!

  7. How do we know

    Zoe!! You really are.. either awfully humble or very self deprecating.. thats A PRETTY girl! (pls note: GIRL)..

    You look:
    very, very warm..

    I did imagine you to be good looking, warm, and well, with a round face.. all of that is true 😉

    and when we meet u in real time, guess we’ll be too busy noticing your warmth to care about the wrinkles.. btw, i do like wrinkles a lot!! so dont worry so much.

    I had a picture in a local magazine lately and completely hated it, but everyone who saw it said i looked lovely. guess onebelieves oneself better looking than one really is 😉

  8. Z

    You can’t imagine how flattered I’ve been by all this. I suppose, sometime, I’ll have to put up a more realistic photo. I do sometimes see people do a quick reassessment of my age when they discover I’ve got children in their 30s (yes JonnyB, mother and grandmother) but that’s a reflection of the age at which I had children, not the age I look.


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