A necessary question, to which the answer is always ‘Yes’

The food is almost done. I’ve just got to make the fruit salad and cook the bread and butter pudding and risotto, both of which are prepared.

The menu is….

Spiced lamb casserole
Chicken with tomato and pesto sauce
Green pea risotto
Baked potatoes
Green salad (which someone else is bringing)

Lemon syllabub
Chocolate mousse
Raspberry bread and butter pudding
Fruit salad; pineapple, strawberries and passion fruit

I looked at it. I asked myself ‘Is there enough food?’ I answered ‘Yes, you fool, there is at least twice as much as we need.’

A consoling thought struck me. It is entirely appropriate, for a Harvest Festival supper at the church rooms, that there should be way too much food. Jesus overcatered, after all – when he fed the five thousand with five loaves and two fishes, they gathered up the leftovers in basketfuls.

6 comments on “A necessary question, to which the answer is always ‘Yes’

  1. PI

    Never mind the amount – with those choices you are spoiling them. I’m green with envy even though i have only just finished eating.

  2. Z

    Pat, you would not believe. Gannets, the lot of them. I swear I had done enough for at least 15 more people, but they ate all the chicken, three-quarters of the lamb, all the risotto (and I handed out 6 copies of the recipe) and every scrap of the puds. I don’t know where they put it all.

  3. Z

    Easy recipes. Deliberately so, as I was so busy this week. I prepared the meat dishes on Wednesday, but I only found out there were no volunteers to make puddings on Thursday and was out all day Friday and decorating the church on Saturday morning, so they were Sat. afternoon jobs.

    It’s like I say in my profile, I’m disorganised but efficient.

  4. laurel

    mmmmm…good…what’s in a lamb casserole?
    Food that is free, and that someone else made…not suprised they tucked into it…

  5. Z

    I slowly fried onions, then added cinnamon and allspice, then added the lamb with lemons (cooked for 10 minutes then each cut into 6 and deseeded) and pieces of pear. Add stock and tomato purée, cook, add dates and cook again.

    Nice to be hospitable, I don’t entertain enough.


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