It’ll be fun

The week has turned a bit busy and I should be finishing some stuff now.  I’m taking it to bed, in the pretence that I won’t turn the light out within minutes of getting in it.

Rose called in for a cup of tea this afternoon and staggered back several hours later, after wine and supper too.  She’s good to have as a neighbour…

I let the chickens out today, for the first time for a few weeks.  They all came back again and, if they’re such good girls, I’ll do it again.  The weather forecast is rainy, however, so they’ll prefer to stay in.  My gardener, Wince, has been doing some general tidying up, which will be great when the spring comes – I’ve been trying to finish this for the past two years, but the grass always grew too quickly for me to clear away all the stuff that was scattered on it.  Now, there will be a clearer run for the mower on the grass.  This is the rough grassland, not the lawn, I should add.  I’m not sure that I can promise great tidiness for the blog party, but it should be a lot better than usual.  Outside, I can even see the prospect of getting it as I want it – which isn’t tidy at all, of course.  I’m not very fond of perfectly manicured big gardens, I like the natural effect.  Or that’s my excuse anyway.

Rose says she’s looking forward to starting veggies off in the greenhouse.  So am I, I think we should plan to make some early sowings next week.  It’ll be fun.

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