We’re promised another new restaurant in Yagnub.  It’s a Mediterranean pomegranate restaurant, it seems, which gives rise to several questions and, since the post on Facebook that I saw had no punctuation and indifferent grammar, I’m not sure how soon any of them will be answered.  All the same, we may well give them a go.  It’s a big thing, to open a new enterprise and they can’t afford for us all to wait and see.

I filled in my seed order this evening.  The local gardening club has an arrangement with a seed company for a 50% price reduction if they get enough orders, so I’m doing my bit towards the total.  I like looking through a seed catalogue – it’s a ray of hope against the prospect of a dark winter.  Not that winter is bad, just rather deadish – still, buying seeds looks forward to spring and new life and growth and so on.

Not a lot to tell you about.  The ironing is spectacularly successful, though I’m not entirely convinced about the design of the new iron.  If you want continuous steam, which you need for a dry linen tablecloth, you have to hold down a button, which is awkward and my hand was painful for some time afterwards.  A simple switch to keep it on would have solved that, or else a bigger button that would have adapted to one’s hand.  But hey.  All the tablecloths and napkins were ironed within an hour, which was remarkable.





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