Inside the small strange world of bloggers

Dave arrived. “Come in and have a cup of tea,” I invited, clearing a pile of stuff from an armchair. The sofa was clear, but that’s Tilly’s. “How are you?” “Have you read my blog?” he replied – wasn’t there a comedy show where one of the things was to answer a question with a question? “Had I better?” I responded, joining in with the spirit of the thing.

As he sat here, I was replying to his blog in his comment box and replying to his own comment in mine. This only seems odd to non-bloggers.

The phone rang. It was Weeza, replying to my invitation to lunch tomorrow. They’ve got a friend there for the weekend, whom we’ve all known all her life. She’s a bit younger than Weeza – her elder brother was a schoolfriend of Al’s – and the friendship between our families goes back a century. Weeza had waited to check if it was convenient with her to join us for lunch or whether she had something else planned, but it fitted in nicely. “I was thinking of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, unless you’d like something else?” I suggested. “Phil, what would you like? Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, or something else?” asked Weeza, joining in, all unknowing, with the spirit of the game. Phil didn’t beat about the bush*. “Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding,” I heard, in an enthusiastic tone.

The Sage and Dave are doing a two-person job this morning and I’ll be of limited use. So I’ll go and do the shopping first. The weather is not conducive to al fresco eating, so we’ll be in the dining room for lunch.

*I wrote ‘beat about the bust’. Heh.

8 comments on “Inside the small strange world of bloggers

  1. Four Dinners

    Strange? I feel I’ve been complemented. Been called far worse than strange!

    How long you in London for? Might hop on a tube and buy you a beer – now that is a worry! 😉

  2. Z

    It is a compliment.

    I’m not in London now, I’m at home. I was only there for a day. I’ll let you know next time I’m going, see if you’re free xx

  3. Z

    Dave has almost talked me into it. I think you might be tipping the balance. Still teetering on the edge at present – what’s worrying me is that it seems to be so friendly and convivial, which isn’t at all like me.


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