Do you think that email has got out of hand?  Blue Witch does, in that most of hers is marketing or spam, very little worth reading.  I agree to an extent (I rarely check my spam folder, but notice sourly how many emails are directed there), but I still have quite a number of emails that are gladly received.  Glancing at my inbox at present – and I haven’t been deleting very assiduously, so it’s a fairish reflection of what I receive – about ten of them are personal emails,  five are school (usually I’d have many more, but it’s the holidays), several more are notifications, eg from my credit card company, insurance, letting agency, about half are marketing and the rest are blog comments.  In fact, a lot of my emails are blog comments but I normally delete them as they come in – not the comments of course, the notifications.  It so happens I emptied the spam folder yesterday: there are nine in there now.

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