I’m not very good about birthdays. Or on them.

Frankly, I tend to forget them. People look in vain for a card or a prettily wrapped parcel. I may have done the shopping, but wrapping and posting on time is an afterthought too far for me.

My children-in-law’s birthdays are only three days apart. So that is some incentive to remember. And I have sorted their presents out this afternoon. All I have to forget now are the cards. Whew.

I asked Dilly if she has plans for Saturday, a meal out or something while they have a chance before the baby arrives. “No, shouldn’t think so” she said. “We’re not big on celebrating birthdays in my family.” Well, she married the right bloke then. Al takes after his mother somewhat in the last-minute preparation department. Except when it’s something hand-made, when he will spend weeks in loving preparation.

It’s my own birthday next month too. It falls on a Sunday and I am rather stunned to discover that I will attend church three times that morning. Once as sidesman, once as organist and once as churchwarden. Multi-tasking at just one service isn’t an option. I take the view that I can, therefore, sin outrageously the rest of the day.

But that is looking well ahead. Tomorrow is far enough for me, just now. It is the day when we will switch the Aga back on. I am looking forward to that very, very much.

5 comments on “I’m not very good about birthdays. Or on them.

  1. Life of a Banana

    Nice for you to tell us that you’re a church warden…better not mess with you.

    are you anglican catholic, evangelical or Jehovah Witness?

    Dolly is devoted Anglican and goes to St John something in Norwich when he’s in Norfolk.

  2. Z

    Anglican. The Church of England doesn’t take itself as seriously as most of the others. Well, the General Synod does, but we mostly ignore that.

  3. Z

    Blimey, isn’t it enough that I am a figure of fun to my friends and family, without fellow bloggers laughing at me too?
    *Looks dignified, stalks off and lands flat on her face*

  4. Geena

    Birthday cards? Does anyone give them anymore? I used to make my own but they just ended in the bin so I gave up. Pity – it was fun doing it.

    OK – regards your birthday…phoowee…3 services?

    Open the champers after and celebrate in style..and recover from all that work!!


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