Anything Geena can post……

…………. I can post later. Not smart French mushrooms like hers, but they are home-grown. And very yummy, in a sauce with shallots, wine and crème frâiche.

The mouse is there to indicate that they were remarkably large mushrooms. Ro said “What’s the point of that? It isn’t even a real mouse.” I explained. “Why didn’t you at least use your Mac mouse then? Or your iPod?”

He’s still being very cheeky.

10 comments on “Anything Geena can post……

  1. Z

    I don’t wash mushrooms unless they are really dirty field-grown ones. But I know someone who works in the local mushroom factory (as it’s known!) and she strongly advises washing them. She hasn’t said why……..

    Sometimes we get puffballs, but only if the weather is right, early morning dew but not rain or frost.

  2. diamondweeza

    Isn’t it better to tap or brush the dirt off? Logically, the top of the mushroom can be rinsed – it gets rained on after all, but the gills shouldn’t get wet.

    I always peel the supermarket-bought white mushrooms. I find it quite satisfying, apart from the gunk under my nails.

    Nice mushrooms. I think your mouse as size comparison works well. Is Ro too old to be taken across your knee?

  3. Z

    You can get dinky little mushroom brushes in upmarket kitchen paraphernalia shops.

    Ro’s too old to put across my knee or to tickle (which would be my preferred option). He’s nearly a foot taller than me, for one thing.

  4. diamondweeza

    I’ve just realised – your friend in the Mushroom Business must know they’re grown on some type of dung but doesn’t want to offend you or put you off eating them – how sweet!

    Happy picture of you & son in tickling battle – I hope it happens!

  5. Geena

    Hah! They’re nothing like my mushies..hah! But then – yours are way way way cleaner..mine were covered in green stuff and dirt. Gah.

  6. Z

    Yours were fabulous. No competition. But I’m a humble soul who is glad of a simple field mushroon from a simple Norfolk field.


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