I say, you’ve got me bang to rights. I did open the fridge door. Um, jolly nice fridge.

1 Having thought about my father so much in the last days, I’ve been thinking about my lovely stepfather today, how happy he made my mother and what a fine grandfather he was to my children.  As I’ve said before, so fine that my daughter named her son after him.  I might be drawn to write more before long.

2 Also a post in waiting is one about a walking stick.  Not tomorrow, I’m busy.  I’ll aim for Friday – but I’m a rotten shot.

3 Admission of the week – oh lord, this probably should have its own post.  I’ll see how much more there is to write.

4 Remarkable event of the day – it was the Nadfas Area meeting, the committee which I’m secretary of, and where you can always rely on my grasp of grammar.  There were four posts up for annual election/re-election: Chairman, Vice-chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.  The last two were due to stand down, but we had no candidates.  However, when the Chairman asked, more from a  sense of duty than with actual hope, if there were further nominations, a hand went up – “I’ll be Treasurer if you like.”  Well, what a turn-up that was!  He was applauded, I mean literally, we all clapped, and he was duly elected.  Sad to say, no one offered to take over my job.  I would like to think that this is because I do it so well rather than because no one is mug enough, but it would not be true.

3 Okay, if I had another idea, which I think I did, I’ve forgotten what it was.  So back to the admission, which is quite odd enough to warrant two out of the five whatsits, but to be fair I’ll still call it number 3.  I put on voices to be my dog.  Chester had a voice, Tilly had a voice – come to that, Edboes the teddy bear had his own voice too.  Um, has.  And I’m the animal itself when I do it – that is, I speak in the first person.  And that’s not all.  Ben has his own voice now and it’s worryingly like Boris Johnston’s.  He has his bluff manner too, as I portray him.  My family is all so used to this that no one ever says a word about it.

5 Has anyone got a really tasty recipe for nut roast?  

9 comments on “I say, you’ve got me bang to rights. I did open the fridge door. Um, jolly nice fridge.

  1. Z

    Thank you for the recipe, Sav, it does look good. It’s Tim’s sister who’s wanting one, I’ll send it over.

    Before Edboes went to live in Ro’s new house (I posted pictures if you remember, he was a very excited little bear), he lived on the bookcase on the landing until Bobby came. Then he moved closer so that they could have chats.

    I really do try to keep the voices within the family and there are NO recordings. But I’m glad I’m not the only one. It is normal to me too.


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