All but Squiffany

Today’s post was to have included pictures, but I didn’t take them, so it will have to wait.

I got up late this morning.  No excuses but no apology either – not that you’d expect one – I woke early and didn’t sleep again until I was due to get up, which is not an uncommon situation.  The two cleaners who helped me out when I was in a tight spot some weeks ago were due at 1 o’clock and, frankly, I’d let the place go.  No floordrobe but a thriving chairdrobe which had extended to the banisters, a kitchen that had become cluttered and papers, both newspapers and sheets of, in the drawing room.  And all the beds needed changing.  So I whizzed around for two hours and tidied, but didn’t clean at all, and was ready for them to have a clear run.  We even had lunch.

And when they didn’t arrive, we thought they’d overrun at the last place.  And after 2 o’clock, I thought that I might have made a mistake between 13:00 and 3:00 pm.  I knew the day was right because I’d noted every fourth Tuesday.  But when they hadn’t arrived by 3.40, I gave up and did the hoovering myself.  No, I didn’t get in touch.  Too late to be any use, I’m not desperate and they’re very expensive. I’m going to wait and see if there’s an explanation and if not I’ll find someone else.  But I’ve tidied, done some of the cleaning and saved over £50 to boot – which I will spend, because it’s been earned (the Sage did help, mind you, so probably deserves a tenner of it).

Watching the baking programme with Mary Berry, the voiceover chappy just referred to glacier cherries.  I snorted with glee.

Anyway, Al & co less Squiffany, who was at Brownies, came over this evening.  I had chocolate cake, to Hadrian’s great glee.  Pugsley has had an excellent end-of-term report, he’s really made a good start.  The school had its Ofsted inspection recently and received Outstanding, Dilly said today, which is brilliant news for the staff and I’m so pleased – it’s extremely difficult to get an outstanding rating now.  Actually – and I’m not that sort of person normally – I’ve just emailed the Head and Chairman of Governors to congratulate them.

And while they were here, Weeza phoned the Sage on his mobile, and then Ro rang me on mine.  So the whole family was together, virtually, all but Squiffany.  Since we won’t be over Easter, that was rather super.

9 comments on “All but Squiffany

  1. Mike and Ann

    That’s nice Z. I do like family gets together, and we shan’t be having one over Easter. Never mind – we usually have one in May, and all go to the town agricultural show.

  2. Scarlet Blue

    I did the downstairs loo today… I meant to change the sheets… and I now need to patter to the kitchen for a tidy and wash up. I’m usually on top of things… but Spring hasn’t arrived, so nor has my big Spring clean.

  3. Z

    Just noticed I said ‘glee’ twice. Oh dear, shows I don’t read a draft before posting.

    My sister is coming up in mid-April, so we’ll probably all get together then. And she might be here for the blog party too, and some, possibly all the family will too.

    I’m relying on the week after Easter to get some housework done, Scarlet, but I can already see it getting booked up with work for the Sage.

    Polishing is, Tim. Far more than merely dusting.

  4. Liz

    I noticed the ‘glacier cherry’ on the baking programme too.

    I’m not exactly on top of my housework either, which is very poor considering that I am currently at home all day. I have cleaned the bathroom this morning though, so I think I’ve earned at least an hour of faffing about on the internet.

  5. savannah

    i’m on my own for a few days whilst the MITM is out in lalaland with the coconut krewe, so i think i’ll do as little as possible until sunday before he returns! xoxoxox

  6. luckyzmom

    I have been puzzled by how little I get done now that I have so much more time to do it! Even the fun stuff.

    Often,when I’m inspired to do major cleaning, something happens to deter me. This week the vacuum cleaner had to be replaced, but not before I stood on my head attempting to repair it.


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