Heh heh

I went into the kitchen this evening to make some coffee, and the Sage was in the study next door on the phone, and I realised that his rich and dirty chuckle is just like mine. So what I’m wondering is, has he taken on my laugh over the years or have I taken on his?

I went into a music lesson today. It was good. The teacher wants Year 9 to have a go at some music composition, but most of them wouldn’t have the confidence or knowledge to do that now, so this term she gets them to arrange a piece of music of her choice, next term one of their own choice, and in the summer she will have them, in groups, writing their own. The piece she has chosen for this term is Word Up, by Cameo

I can’t play the drums or the guitar, but I can teach enough to get by. It’s good and I enjoy it.

Afterwards, I spent the afternoon with Weeza and Zerlina. z slept on me for quite some time, enabling her mother to clean the house – Phil’s family is visiting this weekend. She had to wake z to have a feed at 6 o’clock and z fell asleep again afterwards. Weeza says she is always very relaxed after I have visited. I explain that I bore her to sleep and that it should last all evening…

8 comments on “Heh heh

  1. Dave

    I have the feeling I’m being prompted to say something charming along the lines that you could never bore anyone.

    I shall resist the temptation.

  2. Z

    If you had said such a thing I would have been deeply suspicious and looked for an underlying irony (I’d have said sarcasm, but have learned that people do not like being called sarcastic).

  3. luckyzmom

    What babies pick up on is the calmness and confidence. If you were so boring we wouldn’t be so anxious to see what you had to share with us here.

    Well, to be completely honest, there has been a time or two when I could feel myself about to nod off……calmly and confidently:O()


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