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Yes indeed, as Dave has already observantly observed, the Sage is in the paper today. If you see the EDP, it’s on page 22 and if not try here.
He’s also got a half page spread in the local paper and a piece in the Lowestoft local paper, both page 2.

If you’d like to see the whole catalogue, this is our website.

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  1. ephelba

    The ceramics are nice too. Does it ever make you weak in the knees to pick up a thing that is over two hundred years old? I don’t think I could do it.
    Did everybody have their names painted on their mugs back in the day? Was it to commemorate something, or was to to say “Back off, my coffee!”. If they even had coffee back then. Jeeze that’s old.

  2. Z

    Inscribed pieces are very rare, which is why they’re particularly valuable. It was something that Lowestoft went in for and there are quite a number of one-off pieces or teasets to commemorate a birth, anniversary or marriage. They also had pieces inscribed ‘A Trifle from Lowestoft’ or another local town – it was the original tourist commemorative china!

    If something’s survived over 200 years, the odds are it’ll survive me handling it. No, we’re pretty relaxed about it, although very careful of course. Our children started handling it early; Ronan from the age of 18 months. And of course it’s not that expensive as antiques go – you can still but a damaged piece in a less unusual pattern for under £100 and it’ll still be as old, just not as fine and valuable as Chelsea or Meissen.

    I’m pretty relaxed about handling the Sage, too, although he’s only a third or so of the way to 200 years.

  3. luckyzmom

    What kind eyes this man has and such a lovely smile. I love china and dishes of every kind. I would have so much more if I had more room in my cupboards. Not 200 year old stuff though. Maybe, though, as I do have a collection of teacups that are over 50 years old. I can feel myself starting to ramble.


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