GRR – in a good-humoured way, of course

Oh dear. I look at Bloglines and there are 124 posts to read (mind you, sometimes someone has 25 and I’ve read all of them, what? What? Is that what happens when you republish?), not counting the ones that aren’t Bloglined, like those who post every day. But I have been a bit busy for the last couple of days.

Largely making sodding holly wreaths. Grr. GRR. I so don’t enjoy it. But Al keeps selling the buggers and the Sage took Hard Cash for another 3 today – one of them obscenely overpriced as the person concerned has London Ways (not my daughter, she isn’t daft) – I won’t see a penny of it, I’ll just get prickled by the splendidly-berried holly – and promised a Particularly Splendid ‘Nother One in return for some lovely greenery. I made 2 last night and 5 this morning, and Al sold them all, so I made another 8 this afternoon – before going to a meeting where I multi-tasked to the extent that a darling friend took me privately aside and told me I looked tired and should take care of myself, honestly, I nearly cried at the kindness before assuring him that I was fine. Which I am. In fact, I’ve been leaving honeyed comments on blogs which are, actually, sincerely meant, in case any of you were recipients.

I’ll be acid tomorrow. The Sage is going to be in London ALL DAY on business (which means coming home with money) and I am planning the pre-Christmas house clean. Housework is not my favourite job, but if I don’t do it, no bugger will.

Did I say GRR?

PS. I just checked the business emails. Just the titles. There are three. Two, from Lawence01, say PAYMENT OVERDUE. The third, from Online lottery winne says BRITISH LOTTERY CERTIFIED WINNER’S CLAIM. At least the apostrophe is in the right place. It is five to twelve. I will delete them tomorrow. Is anyone, please tell me, anyone? still taken in by these?

2 comments on “GRR – in a good-humoured way, of course

  1. Wendz in France

    No I think we’re all aware of those lottery claims by now. I get so cross because I get so many of them.

    I also need to do a big house clean – my Mum will be here next Wednesday and this place will not stand up to Mommy scrutiny…but bugger me I am so not into it. I have learnt not to see the dust, you know! And I prefer sleeping and reading to house work.

  2. Z

    I hardly get anything on my own email, it’s just on the business one. It may depend on the ISP too, I used to have more before I started using Hotmail nearly all the time

    It’s the untidiness that does it for me, we’re all awful.


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