Coos and bills

I took a break to open some of the post. A credit card bill. Several Christmas cards – I’ll leave them til later, when the Sage is home from London. An electricity bill, for the Sage’s workshop, so not for me. Tickets I’d sent for and wasn’t at all sure I’d be able to get. Unmistakably, a dividend cheque! I opened the tickets envelope first, happily, then the divi, expectantly. £4.30. Ah.

I’ve got a load to do from the meeting last night. For once, housework is a welcome distraction from the computer instead of the other way round.

The Sage is home, so we opened the cards. A party invitation! Whee!! To celebrate a 40th wedding anniversary. These friends give extremely enjoyable and lavish parties, so I will send polite apologies to the next churchwardens’ meeting and go and have fun instead.

There was also a round robin letter in one card. I can see the point of these if, for instance, you have moved away from a circle of close friends and want to keep in touch, but these are people we have known for many years, but not that well and their children not at all. I duly read the whole, small fonted A4 sheet and it confirmed my intention never to write such a letter. Entertaining though it was in its way.

5 comments on “Coos and bills

  1. Wendz in France

    I got a Christmas card yesterday – I never get cards (and the French don’t do them either)- and it made me grin from ear to ear – so lovely and unexpected…something that Christmas should be about…friends and spreading happiness.

    I also got a bill. Pah!

    And no housework has been done as yet – it is 20 past 12 – and I have just risen from my bed. :(O

  2. Z

    Oh sweetie, I wish I were in bed. I didn’t sleep after 3.30, although I couldn’t be bothered to get up.

    And my enthusiasm for the housework is demonstrated by the fact that I heard the ‘ping’ of incoming mail, scuttled straight in here and am responding at once.

    I haven’t written cards yet, I’m starting tonight. It feels like a big burden, but I’d hate not to send or receive them, it’s the only time I keep in touch with some people, some years.

  3. Z

    Haha, too late. One year, I didn’t do it. I said to my husband that it just wasn’t going to happen, there was no time and hardly anyone would notice. He said nothing and spent the rest of the day busily writing cards.

    I’ve got a good friend, known her forever, for a few years, if it hadn’t been for Christmas cards, we’d have lost touch. We’re better now, largely thanks to emails.

    I tend to not keep sending to casual acquaintances and you would not ever think I might do a ‘family picture’ card or a round robin letter, would you.

  4. Wendz in France

    Aaah you’re too fast!

    Yes I too have a dear old friend (in Portsmouth) that I now exchange emails with from time to time – and she always sends me a birthday card and a Christmas card. But she’s the only person who does..the rest know I don’t want them…she just enjoys doing it so I don’t mind.


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